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Here you will find some short biographies (biogz) of solo artists whose surname commences with this letter or bands with names commencing with this letter (omitting any commonly used prefix such as 'The').

Click on the name below or scroll down the page at your leisure.

The Zephyr Guitar Four
The Zephyrs
The Zombies

The Zones



The Zephyr Guitar Four

The Zephyr Guitar Four
Sem Simpson / Alex Callan / Mike Anderson / Ian Smart / Dave Smith
I'm indebted to Dave Smith for this image.

Mike Anderson - vocals
Sem (William) Simpson - lead guitar
Dave Smith - rhythm guitar
Ian Smart - bass
Alex Callan - drums

The Zephyr Guitar Four were formed in 1958 and played 22 times at the ballroom between May & October 1959, but would soon change their name to Mike Satan & The Hellcats.

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Ghoulz (2006)




The Zephyrs


Rett Allen (Alan Harrison) - lead vocals
Tommy Harbron - lead guitar, vocals
Alan Coverdale - rhythm guitar
Barrie Miller - bass, vocals
Dennis 'Denny' Coleman - drums, vocals

Tony Martin - lead vocals (from 1969)

Len Harbron - manager

Formed in 1959, the Zephyrs were from Stockton and contemporaries of The Crestas. They were later forced to change their name to 'The Zephrons' to avoid confusion with another band in London of the same name.  Some of the band reformed in 2000 and performed until 2005.

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Ghoulz (2011)



The Zombies

23rd April

Rod Argent - organ, vocals
Paul Atkinson - guitar, vocals
Colin Blunstone - lead vocals
Chris White - bass, vocals
Hugh Grundy - drums

This five piece beat ensemble first came together while the original members were all still at St. Albans Grammar School. After winning a local talent competition they were given an opportunity to record by Decca. Their first single, penned by keyboardist Argent, was an immediate hit although it never quite reached the top ten in the UK. A number of superbly crafted singles followed- mostly written by Rod Argent or bassist Chris White. Surprisingly, none of these was to rise higher than #42 on their home ground.

The frustrated Zombies fared rather better in the US, doubtless buoyed up by the 'British invasion' which was then at its peak. Nevertheless, this success quickly faded too and the underrated combo broke up at the end of 1967. They enjoyed one further chart entry during 1969 with the brilliant 'Time Of The Season' which gave them the biggest hit of their career reaching #3 in the USA. Sadly, it did little to raise the level of appreciation shown by British record buyers and no further singles releases ensued.

Rod Argent and Hugh Grundy set about the formation of a new group based around the musical talents of the brilliant keyboardist and appropriately named 'Argent'. Colin Blunstone decided to try his luck as a solo vocalist. After a slow start- all achieved a level of success during the 1970s and their Zombies output has become quite sought after- particularly the later, uncharted singles. Rod Argent's 'She's Not There' has proved a popular number with other artists and it has been remade on several occasions- most notable is the version by the American group 'Santana' during 1977.

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The Zones


4 Singles

4 Album Covers

Willie Gardner - guitar, vocals
Billy McIsaac - keyboards, vocals (ex Slik)
Russell "Spyder" Webb - bass
Kenny Hyslop - drums (ex Slik)

'Slik' evolved from 'Salvation' in November 1974 and after a whirlwind of moist teeny fame (crushingly without the expected accompanying fortune) split from bassist Jim McGinlay in March 1977. However, Jim (Midge) Ure, Billy McIsaac and Kenny Hyslop decided to carry on but with new bassist, Russell Webb and with a radical change in direction, descending into the chaos of young fast punk in 1977, calling themselves 'PVC2'.  They released a three track demo EP 'Put U in the Picture' / 'Deranged, Demented & Free' / 'Pain, Pain, Pain' (Zoom Records - Zum 2) in October 1977. It didn't however last long as Midge was tempted into the embryonic 'Rich Kids' with ex Sex Pistol, Glenn Matlock and the rest is ...

Meantime back at the ranch, McIsaac, Hyslop & Webb were softening their musical approach somewhat and needed a leader which they recruited in the form of Alex Harvey's cousin from 'Hot Valves' and so the Willie Gardner led 'Zones' were born and proceeded to work bloody hard building an enthusiastic following for their tight, modern sinewy power-pop canon.

A single deal with Bruce Findlay's 'Zoom Records' spawned 'Stuck With You' / 'No Angels' in 1977 (much played by John Peel) swiftly followed by a new major deal with Arista and the single 'Sign of the times' / 'Away From it All in 1978.  Sales were disappointing (you can imagine the release of a Brian Ferry single with the same title couldn't have helped). However, they soldiered on throughout 1978 with live appearances, TV and radio including two 4-song sessions for John Peel and another single 'Looking to the Future' / 'Do it all Again'.

The Summer of 1979 saw the appearance of their debut and as it turned out, only album collection 'Under Influence' which, though now held in great affection, failed to sell. It was marketed with four different covers shown above. Later that year their last single 'Mourning Star' / 'Under Influence' emerged and despite several very high profile supports slots including 'Sham 69', 'Iggy Pop', Magazine & 'The Clash,' the writing was on the wall and Willie Gardner decided to call it a day in favour of a solo career hours before a London gig in November 1979 and it was all over.

Willie Gardner's solo career netted two singles in 1982: ('Golden Youth' / 'Time to Rot') & ('Imation' / 'Hirudinal Boy').  He later joined 'Endgames' releasing singles and two albums and returning to record more Peel sessions.

Billy McIsaac was in Salvation, 'Slik' & 'PVC2' and would later form 'Science' who released two singles 'Look Don't Touch' / 'Skalectrik' & 'Tokyo'and later his own 'Billy McIsaac Band'. He has a degree in music.

Russell Webb was in 'Slik' & 'PVC2' and would later join The Skids and The Armoury Show (with Richard Jobson & John McGeoch).

Kenny Hyslop drummed for Salvation & 'PVC2', The Skids, joined 'Simple Minds' and formed 'Set the Tone' & 'The One O'Clock Gang'.

'Stuck With You' / 'No Angels' (Zoom Records - Zum 4) February 1978
'Sign Of The Times' / 'Away From It All' (1978)
'Looking To The Future' / 'Do It All Again' (1979)
'Mourning Star' / 'Under Influence' (1979)

John Peel Sessions:
Sign Of The Times
Away From It All
No Sense Of Humour
Tough At The Bottom

Anything Goes
Deadly Dolls
The End
It's Only Fashion

'Under Influence' (1979)

Ghoulz (2006/11)



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