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Grace Graham's Kinema Autographs from 1965
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Grace Graham's Kinema Autographs from 1965

The front cover of Grace's collection

This entire page is dedicated to the memory of Mrs Grace Graham (14/10/25 - 11/06/13) who collected these 35 pages of wonderful autographs from 1965 when she worked in The Candy Bar inside the Kinema Ballroom.

I'm much obliged to Grace herself for her foresight and permission and to her son Alistair Graham for contacting me to arrange the loan.

I am greatly indebted to them both for their generosity in allowing me to borrow, scan, display and share this historical document with you all.

Please note some of the signatures are indecipherable and are therefore, at best, my best guess. Also some of the musicians' names are missing and we can't know (almost 50 years on at the time of constructing this page) whether these missing ones didn't play that night, weren't around when Morag asked or whether they didn't like to sign stuff at all.  There are also some which don't make sense ("Wullie" / "Buddy Ebsen" for example) - Who knows!

If you know of the existence of other autographs or other memorabilia from the Kinema please contact me here. I can't pay you, but all contributions will be fully credited of course.

Click the images to enlarge them.

"Buddy Ebsen" (signed twice)
Buddy Ebsen was an American TV actor starring in 'The Beverly Hillbillies' and 'Barnaby Jones'.
Mystery one this - Do you know why Buddy Ebsen was in Scotland/at the Kinema? Tell me

"Best Wishes
Brian Sheridan" - vocals
Best Wishes Dennis Murphy" - vocals
"Jack Taylor sax" - tenor sax
The Golden Crusaders (42 Kinema appearances in 1965)

"Love Jim Breakey xxx" - drums
"Hume Paton xxxx" - lead & 12-string guitar
John Dawson xx"- bass

The Poets 06/01/1965

"Freddy Garrity"
Freddy and the Dreamers 21/01/1965

"Roy Crewsdon" - guitar
"Peter Birrell" - bass
"Bernie Dwyer - drums
"Derek Quinn - guitar, harmonica

Freddy and the Dreamers 21/01/1965

"Vic Pitts" – bass, bass guitar
"Cheers Kenny Ball"
– trumpet, vocals
Dave Jones" – clarinet
"Ron Weatherburn" – piano
Kenny Ball and (some of) his Jazzmen 01/02/1965

"Luv Lulu xx"
Lulu and the Luvvers 02/02/1965

"Lots of Luv to Morag"
"Jimmy Dewar" - rhythm guitar
"Henry Wright" - drums
"Tommy Tierney" - bass guitar
"Ross Neilson" - lead guitar
"Alex Bell" - vocals, later rhythm guitar
Lulu and the Luvvers 02/02/1965

"Luv Brian O'Hara 4MOST"- vocals, lead guitar
"Dave" Lovelady - drums, vocals
"Mike Millward"? - rhythm guitar, vocals
"Billy Hatton" - bass, vocals
The Fourmost 24/02/1965

"Love Brian Poole"
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes 03/03/1965 (supporting Gene Vincent)

"Norman Kuhlke" - drums
Ray Ennis"? - lead, rhythm guitar, vocals
The Swinging Blue Jeans 10/03/1965

Also on this page:
"Stu Brubeck" - bass
Kris Ryan & The Questions 25/08/1965

"David" Carr - keyboards
"Rod" Allen - lead vocals, bass
"Glen" Dale - guitar
"Barry" Pritchard - guitar
The Fortunes 17/03/1965

"Marianne Faithfull"

"Terry" Bond - drums
"Roy Austin" - bass
"Geoff Turton" - lead vocal, guitar
Brian "Chuck" Botfield- lead guitar
"Clive Lea" - lead vocal
The Rockin' Berries
31/03/1965 (Supporting The Hollies)

"Rod" 'Humble' Garwood - bass
"Hugh" 'Pigmy' Halliday - drums
Howard "Lem" Lubin - vocals, guitar
"Tommy" Moeller - vocals, guitar, piano
"Peter" Moules - lead vocals
"Buster" Meikle - vocals, guitar

Unit 4+2 07/04/1965

"Margo" Lewis - Hammond organ
Golda Zelkowicz (aka "Goldie") - lead vocals, harmonica
"Ginger" Bianco - percussion
"Carol" MacDonald - guitar, backing vocals

Goldie and the Gingerbreads

"Ray" Phillips - lead vocals
"John Allen" - lead guitar
"Arthur" Sharp - lead vocals, guitar
The Nashville Teens 28/04/1965

"Johnny Spence" - bass
"Johnny Kidd" - vocals
"John Weider" - guitar
"Frank" Farley - drums
"Vic Cooper" - piano/organ
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates

"Alan Low" - lead guitar, vocals
"Marion Tennant" - vocals

"Jackie O'Neill" - vocals
"John Jenkins" - rhythm guitar
"George Barr" - (pianist) bass, vocals
"John O'Hagan" - drums

20th Century Sounds

"Paul Jones" - vocals, harmonica
"Manfred Mann x" - keyboards
"Mike Hugg x" - drums, vibes, keyboards
"Tom McGuinness x" - bass, then guitar
"Mike Vickers" - lead guitar, alto sax, flute
Manfred Mann 02/06/1965

"Peter Asher"
"Gordon Waller"
"& Wullie"?

Peter and Gordon

John "Akky" Acutt - lead guitar
John "Freddy" Gandy - bass
John Charles "Twink" Alder - drums
Mick "Wimps" Weaver - rhythm guitar, fiddle
"Nick" Wymer - vocals
The Fairies 09/06/1965

John "Lon" Lyons – "rhythm" guitar
"Love Brian Hudson" - drums, vocals
Tony Rivers" (Tony Thompson) - vocals
Kenny Rowe" - vocals
Lots of Love from Ray" Brown - "bass"
Tony Rivers and the Castaways 30/06/1965

"Lionel Morton" - vocals, rhythm guitar
David Graham - lead guitar
"Alan Buck" - drums
The Four Pennies 23/06/1965

"Herman" (Peter Noone) - vocals
Herman's Hermits 07/07/1965

"Herman" (Peter Noone) & possibly "Karl" Green (bass, vocals)
Herman's Hermits 07/07/1965

Bill Dickson" - vocals
Geoff Barker" - bass
Arthur Owen" - lead guitar, vocals

The Nameless Ones 11/08/1965

"Adam Faith"18/08/1965

"Alan Kendall" - lead guitar
Kris Ryan & The Questions 25/08/1965

"Kris Ryan" - vocals
Kris Ryan & The Questions 25/08/1965

"Norman Kuhlke" - drums
Ray Ennis"? - lead, rhythm guitar, vocals
The Swinging Blue Jeans 10/03/1965

Also on this page:
"Stu Brubeck" - bass
Kris Ryan & The Questions 25/08/1965

Drew Perey"?
"Jim Kelly" - guitar, vocals
"Ray Cooper"?
"Mike Dolan"?
"Ken Kindlen"?

The Honours 08/09/1965

"Denny Laine" - guitar, vocals
"Clint Warwick" - bass, vocals
"Graeme Edge" - drums, percussion
"Mike Pinder" - keyboards, vocals
"Ray Thomas" - vocals, flute percussion
The Moody Blues 15/09/1965

The Arrows

"Thanks! Les Rivals"
"Peer Frost" - guitar
"Henrik Hviid Carlsen" - rhythm guitar
Per-Olof "Flob" Hansen , bass
"Niels Kjær" - drums
"Peter Belli" - vocals
Peter Belli & Les Rivals ("Denmark's Rolling Stones")

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