Bill Heggie - guitar, vocals
David Vettese - bass, vocals
John (Ching)Lee - drums

Jim Dewar - keyboards
Douglas Nealy - drums
Ronnie Teape
- keyboards

Rock and jazz/blues power Trio from Central Scotland, featuring Bill Heggie on guitar & vocals from 'The Senators', Peter David Vettese on bass & vocals and John (Ching) Lee on drums from 'The Golden Crusaders'. Formed after the break up of 'The Golden Crusaders', they played together for 40 years from 1967 to around 2007.

Remarkable drummer John lee (aka 'Ching') was trained by famous pipe-band tutor Alex Duthart and Ching became well-known for a comedy piece in the drum solo where he stood up to play and pretended to catch a sensitive area of his anatomy in the hi hat!

Peter John Vettese (David's younger brother) appeared with the band on Opportunity Knocks in August 1970 at the age of 12 then went back to school!

In 1970 Jim & Ching left for a short while to go and seek his fortune in London with 'Class' (including Billy Colqhoun and Bertie McRoberts from the Crusaders, and local singer and personality Hugh Allan). Ching was replaced by Douglas Nealy and singer songwriter Alan Robertson (aka 'Trajan') joined around this time and a name change to `Steelyard` because of the Bathgate connection resulted for a while. When 'Class' didn't work out, members of the band sent Ching his train fare to get back to Blackburn and the re-join The Stag Party!

By 1980 they were on their own as a three piece, and started a new phase which lasted 20 years. Stag Party gained a reputation as a backing band with the likes of Tony Christie during his success the first time round with 'Amarillo' and with Sydney Devine touring up and down the country but never becoming fully professional. Bill started a music shop (Magnum Sound) and David graduated to become a college lecturer. Ching became a painter and house decorator.

Friend and musician colleague Sam Speirs has composed a tribute song in his honour! Hear it here:

David's younger brother, Peter John Vettese, played with Tam White and Bilbo Baggins (1979) and since has gone on to carve a very successful career as musician, song-writer, and producer. Some of his credits include Jethro Tull, Go West, The Bee Gees, Annie Lennox, Carly Simon, Zucchero, Heather Small, Geri Halliwell, Mel C , etc, etc. His song 'Proud' has gone on to be an international best-seller and has been used in adverts here and in Australia and USA and as an Olympic theme tune in Europe.