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Pix & Vidz (Click images for a larger size)

These images are listed roughly in chronological order, oldest first.

The Kinema Ballroom
Night Magic
Hollywood Boulevard
The Ballroom
KinemaGigz Launch

(Pix of individual bands will be found on their own 'Biogz' page).

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The Kinema Ballroom

An interior view of "Dunfermline's New Ballroom" in 1938.

The Kinema Ballroom - interior 1938
The Dunfermline Press 1938

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Opening Night Advert

The Dunfermline & West Fife Journal dated Friday 23rd December 1938

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Opening night autograph hunters surround bandleader, Mr Jack Jackson.
The girls are from left: Billie Smith, Cherry Grant, May Smillie & Gwen Rapier. Can you identify the other two?

Image courtesy of Freda Drysdale.

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Mr. George Gilchrist Hylands, the first Kinema Ballroom Manager and manager of the adjacent cinema 'The Palace Kinema'.

George Hylands, first Kinema Ballroom Manager
Image courtesy of Freda Drysdale.

He managed The Kinema Ballroom from its opening night on 23rd December 1938 until early April 1946 when he was taken to a Dunfermline Nursing Home and sadly died two weeks later on Saturday April 20th 1946.

He was originally an Edinburgh man and had been a successful music hall variety artiste before entering the world of entertainment management.  He was manager of The Palace Kinema (Cinema next door) from 1933 and from 1938 until his death in 1946, managed both The Palace Kinema and The Kinema Ballroom.

His second wife was Evelyn aka Lena Grant (Cherry Grant's sister)

George Hylands was succeeded as manager at The Palace Kinema and The Kinema Ballroom by his son Mr. George Gilchrist and was still there in 1963. Another son Mr. Norman Gilchrist also worked a s a projectionist at The Palace Kinema.  Norman met his wife in the Kinema Ballroom.

Many thanks to David Gilchrist (Norman's son) for much of the above.

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The original 'Kinema Ballroom's main entrance at No.19 Pilmuir Street around 1955.

Original Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline Main Entrance at No.19 Pilmuir Street
Image courtesy of Freda Drysdale.

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The original 'Kinema Ballroom's main entrance at No.19 Pilmuir Street (10/02/2006). This was also the entrance for events held in 'The Starlight Lounge' after the new frontage on Carnegie Street/Drive was complete in 1964. This entrance is now only used for deliveries to the ballroom & adjacent bar.

Original Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline Main Entrance in Pilmuir Street. Taken 2006.
© Ghoulz (2006)

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A journey through the original entrance to the original Kinema building.

1                     2 © Ghoulz (2007)      3 © Ghoulz (2007)      4 © Ghoulz (2007)      5 © Ghoulz (2007)

1 The original 'Kinema Ballroom' main entrance at No.19 Pilmuir Street (1955)
2 Detail of one of the advertising panels, just inside the front entrance (damaged by a limited fire methinks)
   The word 'Dancing is clearly seen
3 The original ticket office window
4 Original entrance hallway & stairs up to the dance floor
5 Original 1938 gas lamp


... and out again at the end of the night.

5 © Ghoulz (2007)      6 © Ghoulz (2007)      7 © Ghoulz (2007)      8 © Ghoulz (2007)

5 The daunting journey down the stairs commences!
6 The middle passage to the interior exit doors
7 The original 'Emergency Exit' sign above the interior exit doors
8 The outside doors

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'Kinema Ballroom' revellers in the 1940s.

Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline revellers in the 1940s   
Image courtesy of Freda Drysdale.

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Built in 1938 and still part of the ballroom today, the original 'Kinema Ballroom' building taken from the south (10/02/2006).

Original Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline From The South. Taken 2006.
© Ghoulz (2006)

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Kinema staff possibly 1963 / 1965?
Michael Townson on the far left - Can you name any on the others? Click here to tell me.
Many thanks Iain.

© Iain Townson (2012)

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'The Kinema Ballroom' mid to late 1960s? This extension to the original premises was built in 1964.

The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline - mid / late sixties
Image from Bygone Dunfermline dated Winter 2004 page VIII.

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Aerial view of the ballroom showing how the original building from 1938 was extended in 1964.
This image was taken for Microsoft virtual Earth probably in the early 1990s.

Image from 'Microsoft Virtual Earth'

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Cecil R Hunter 'Mr. Kinema Ballroom' was Manager 1963 - 1973

Born in West Hartlepool (a trumpet, cornet & double bass player) Cecil died on the 16th of April 1993 in the Clubhouse of Canmore Golf Course Dunfermline aged 85.

The story of Cecil, the ballroom & The Beatles in 1963 can be found here

Cecil Hunter - Manager The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline 1959 to 1973.
Image from Bygone Dunfermline dated Winter 2004 page VIII.

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A 'Grand Beat Competition' was held on Thursday 29th June 1967 adjudicated by David Jacobs (presenter of the hugely popular TV show 'Juke Box Jury'). Ten groups played for the East of Scotland heat, 8pm till 1am for the admission price of 6/-

1st - The Falcons
2nd - The Beachcombers
3rd - The Spellbinders

Who were the other groups? Tell me here.

The Dunfermline Press dated 29th June 1967.

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The Kinema Ballroom 1970s?

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The Kinema Ballroom with The Clash's Lorry & Van Outside on Thursday 6th July 1978

Image from: blackmarketclash

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The cancelled Siouxsie & The Banshees gig from 9th September 1979.

Siouxsie & The Banshees A5 Flyer for cancelled gig at The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline 1979.   
Many thanks to             Many thanks to 
Kenny for this image.     Smid for this image.

Siouxsie & The Banshees & The Scars were billed to appear on Sunday 9th September 1979 as part of the 'Join Hands Tour', however the gig was cancelled (tickets were advertised and sold for £2). The night before, Kenny Morris and John McKay walked out of the band prior to that evening's gig in Aberdeen. They hopped into a taxi, went to Stonehaven, then got the first available train to London. Despite that, the Aberdeen gig went ahead, but the Banshees only played a couple of songs, accompanied by Robert Smith and The Cure's drummer. This led to the cancellation of the ballroom gig and the next couple of dates too, but the rest of the tour went on with Robert Smith playing for both The Cure and The Banshees, with Budgie taking over the drumming duties. (Nearly 20 years later, Siouxsie and Budgie were in a remote hotel in the Lake District, when they went down for an evening meal on their first night there and who should be sitting at the next table but John McKay and his wife! This was the first time they had met since McKay and Morris went AWOL in 1979...! (Oh to have been a fly on that wall - Ghoulz).

(Many thanks to Ray Smillie for the above).

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Night Magic

Night Magic Advert 1980

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Bacchus Advert 1980

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Night Magic Coaster

Many Thanks to Tam Cairns

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Night Magic Pin Badge

Many Thanks to Murray Duncan

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Night Magic Calendar 1984

Night Magic (Dunfermline) Logo Night Magic Lightshow 1984 Night Magic Lightshow 1984 Night Magic Lightshow 1984 Night Magic Lightshow 1984 Night Magic Lightshow 1984
I'm indebted to Paul Martin for these colour images from the 1984 Night Magic Calendar
They're rather large, though worth waiting for!

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Night Magic advert from 1985

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Various Night Magic DJs etc

Miss Stocking &     Miss Stocking &                                          Dave Lorentzen          Dave Lorentzen        Dave Lorentzen         Hogmany
Suspender Belt     Suspender Belt                                                                                                          & Jon Alsop
Ann Davey           Event 

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Hollywood Boulevard

[All images courtesy of Martin Robb (Manager) unless otherwise stated]

The frontage on Carnegie Drive

Various views from 'Disco & Club Trade International' magazine (1988) etc.

Looking south    Upstairs Bar            'Columbia Lady'       Ribbon Cutting        Alex McKay (Manager)                

Lights                 Lights                  Dance floor north      Frontage              Enigma Lighting     Wee George
                                                                                                            Controller              well-known staff

'Hit Man & Her' and Disco Mirror award 'Scotland's Disco of the Year 1990'
     Pete Waterman                Alex McKay (Mgr)          'Hit Man & Her'         Disco Award      Best Disco              ITV Cameraman
                                           Derek Miller (DJ)           ticket                     (Alex McKay      (1990)
                                           Pete Waterman                                          & Michaela
                                           Tom Jameson (DJ)                                     Strachan)
                                           Bill McGregor (Dean's Entertainment Manager)

                                                                                Various Promotional Articles

       Various Promotional Events

Footage of the 2nd of six 'Hitman & Her' TV Shows
(5th November 1989) at 'Hollywood Boulevard'



Footage (poor quality unfortunately) of the fifth of six 'Hitman & Her' TV Shows
(4th August 1990) at 'Hollywood Boulevard'



Footage (poor quality unfortunately) of the sixth and last 'Hitman & Her' TV Shows
(5th August 1990) at 'Hollywood Boulevard'



Also ... link to footage of Mr.Puniverse competition at Hollywood Boulevard 1989 for 'The Hit Man & Her'


The signs North & East advertise that the building is 'For Sale' and the 'T in the Park' posters help to date this shot below as some time between 1994 - 1998.

Hollywood Boulevard Dunfermline (Sometime between 1991 - 1998)
Image from Dunfermline 'Our Heritage' (1998) Bert McEwan page 139

The Dunfermline Press Friday 6th November 1998

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The Ballroom

The frontage of 'The Ballroom' on Carnegie Drive (c.2000).

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'The Ballroom' logo

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The frontage of 'The Ballroom' on Carnegie Drive at night (c.2000).

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The Ballroom's VIP lounge

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The Millennium Club 2000 Pass Wallet

horizontal rule

The Ballroom Gold Pass

Many Thanks to Murray Duncan

horizontal rule

A Selection of The Ballroom Passes for The Millennium Club 2000

© Ghoulz (2008)

Left Top         Penny Pass           (Entry for one on specified night of specified month for 1p)
Left Middle     Twilight Pass         (Entry for one on specified night of specified month for half price)
Left Bottom    Two 4 One Pass    (Entry for two on specified night of specified month for price of one)
Right Top       Gold Pass              (Entry for one on specified night of specified month for free)
Right Middle   Accumulator Pass  (Entry for one on specified night of specified month for free)
Right Bottom  Privileged Pass     (Entry without queuing and free bubbly)

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Shots of the 2005 rip-out of 'The Ballroom' prior to the £2 million refurb




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The second (much improved) frontage/entrance of 'The Ballroom' on Carnegie Drive (10/02/2006).

© Ghoulz (2006)

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A view of the dance floor of 'The Ballroom' (circa 2006).

The Ballroom Dunfermline (Kinema) - Dancefloor 2005.
Image from: ballroomnightclub
web site.

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KinemaGigz Launch

The Dunfermline Press publicity for the launch of 'KinemaGigz'.

"How to avoid doing the housework"

The Dunfermline Press ('Notes' column) - "How To Avoid Doing The Housework" (28/09/06 Page 10).
The Dunfermline Press 28th September 2006 (Page 10)


"68 years of entertainment in one site..."

In fact this article contains a slight error. My father was a cinema manager who through a long career managed 'The Regal' (High Street - now demolished), 'The Alhambra' (Canmore Street - now being refurbished) and 'The Cinema' (now a vacant nightclub/pub). He never managed 'The Palace Kinema' cinema (now demolished) nor 'The Kinema Ballroom'.

The Dunfermline Press 5th October 2006 (Page 4)


"On The Spot"

The Dunfermline Press "On The Spot" (12/10/06 Page 10).
The Dunfermline Press 12th October 2006 (Page 10)

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The Dunfermline Press 'Bygone Dunfermline' publicity for the launch of

"Nitespot still notching up hits"

KinemaGigz News Article - Bygone Dunfermline - Page 3 - Winter 2006
Image from 'Bygone Dunfermline' dated Winter 2006 page III.

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The 2007 refurbishment by Castle Leisure Group

Looking south west     Looking south west     Looking west               Looking north east      Looking north west
© Ghoulz (2007)        © Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)          © Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)

Looking south east     Looking south West    Looking south             Looking upstairs         Looking downstairs
© Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)        © Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)

Looking north            Inner front doors         Foot of stair               Old balcony bar!          Looking north
© Ghoulz (2007)        © Ghoulz (2007)            © Ghoulz (2007)            © Ghoulz (2007)          © Ghoulz (2007)

Underneath the VIP    North west seating       North east seating       North east seating      Stage & dance floor
© Ghoulz (2007)        © Ghoulz (2007)            © Ghoulz (2007)            © Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)

Looking north             Upholstery                 South west                 Stage lighting             Looking south from VIP stairs
© Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)         © Ghoulz (2007)            © Ghoulz (2007)           © Ghoulz (2007)                                                                                                                               

New external paint job before the new
Velocity shimmer-disc sign arrives
© Ghoulz (2007)

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Impression of the new Velocity frontage!                and the real thing!


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Menu of forthcoming attractions at Velocity & Kinema:Live (Click each image for details)

Wednesdays              Thursdays                  Fridays                      Saturdays                   V:Live Bands (now obsolete)

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My Velocity Launch Weekend VIP Invitation (Friday 14th & Saturday 15th December 2007)

horizontal rule

Velocity opening weekend (Friday 14th & Saturday 15th December 2007)

VIP Lounge                VIP Lounge Bar           VIP Lounge                Stage                       Dance Floor fm Stage
TwoThumbsFresh        TwoThumbsFresh        TwoThumbsFresh         TwoThumbsFresh       TwoThumbsFresh

horizontal rule

Velocity & Kinema Logos

Kinema:Live                     VIP Lounge                Velocity (black)          Velocity (white)

horizontal rule

After a short period of inactivity, sadly CLG placed Velocity on the market for Let or Sale on Wednesday 4th May 2011 after (just short) of four years ownership.


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... and after a short period of activity under the management of D2 Leisure the venue is TO LET / MAY SELL again in 2012.


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