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Hi there "Ghoulz"

I don't bother much with the net but my daughter mentioned that the band are now on Facebook. So I Googled the name, only to discover that we were on the Kinema Ballroom site, faithfully preserved by your good self. Before I go any further let me introduce myself. I am Billy Colquhoun, as you already know, the lead guitarist of The Golden Crusaders. I would like to thank you sincerely for your dedication to such a project and you deserve much praise for doing so. I am getting in touch to correct a couple of things re the band. I myself was always the lead guitarist and I doubled on keyboards. Frankie Connor was second/lead guitar when I was playing keyboards. Billy Ritchie was not a guitarist. He was an excellent keyboard player, who actually joined the band for a little while before forming '123'/'Clouds' with Harry Hughes and Ian Ellis on bass. I myself was the bands arranger and I was particularly pleased to read that a lot of people liked the bands version of 'Hey Good Lookin' as that was my arrangement as well. I hope this has clarified a couple of things for you.

Keep well,
Yours, Billy Colquhoun

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"Enjoyed your site.  My parents met at the Kinema on Dec 15, 1951.  My father's 21st birthday...he claimed she jumped onto his knee, she claimed he pulled her.  They were married in1955 and spoke often of the Ballroom.  They are both gone now but they are still dancing."

Barbara Scott

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So many memories - braw.

My 1st gig ever - Sunday 14 Feb 1971, Elton John, 60p a go.

Next gig - Springsteen, Munich, Olympiastadion, Sunday 26 May 2013. Touch more than 60p a go.

And so, so, many in between. Ballroom - thank you for the music !!"

Saudi fae Lochgelly.

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"Thanks for the wonderful website and purely by chance I stumbled on it while doing some family history. Let me explain my memories of the Kinema Ballroom.

My mother Roberta Melrose and her mother Euphemia either worked in the ballroom or used to sing there roughly between 1950-1958. We used to live at number 45 Carnegie Drive which was just round the corner and was eventually demolished to make a side entrance to the ballroom. I started Primary School at Canmore Primary on the other side of the road from the ballroom.

I wonder if this evokes any memories from your contributors."

Thanks and well done

Archibald Berwick Melrose [63yrs]

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"Hi! Just discovered this site... amazing!!! So please include "Lavish praise" for yourself, as well as the alteration suggested below. I didn't realise that so many bands/artistes had played there... some real old gems such as East of Eden, Simon Dupree, to name but two from a vast list. As an oldie (60 next month), it's a real trip down nostalgia lane for me, seeing all those names from yesteryear :)

Once again, great work on the site... it's wonderful to see the historic Scottish music scene being archived by good folks such as yourself!"


Dougie Mathieson (
Jack Easy)

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"Awesome! I have stayed up all night transfixed and in awe of what I have been reading on this site. Thank you soooo much for making this info and these memories public."


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"Hi Ghoulz,

I've only just discovered your website about the Kinema Ballroom and think it's brilliant!!

I find it very nostalgic and it takes me back to my youth in the 1960s when I was a regular patron of the dance hall. At weekends the KB was the place to be!!! As a drummer myself I knew many of the people who played in the KB resident bands & groups of the era, especially the 'Red Hawks'. I knew saxophonist Alex Smith and drummer Tommy Wallace (and his father, Tommy senior). After the demise of the 'Red Hawks', I later played drums in other groups alongside Colin Bates and Ian Burns.

However, it saddened me greatly to read of the passing on 14th January 2011 of saxophonist Alex Smith whom I also knew personally outwith the KB. Alex's day time job in the 60s was as a mechanic and if my memory serves me, well he worked for Walter Alexander's bus company at their Kelty workshop. Back then, I worked in the parts department of the now defunct Fife Motor Company in Halbeath Road, Dunfermline and Alex was a regular customer of mine. He was a personal friend as well and when he saw me at the KB, he often told me to just tag along with the Red Hawks to get a late drink (after closing time) at the Kandy Bar!!

As a musician, Alex was a fine exponent on both the saxophone and flute. He also had a wicked sense of humour similar to my own. I hadn't seen Alex for many years but to read of his death still came as a terrible shock. As a musician, customer and friend, Alex certainly touched my life and I'm glad that I had the pleasure of knowing him. I'm sure many other people would feel the same for he was one of nature's gentlemen. If you have contact details for his family, would you please pass on my sincere condolences?"

Harry Hogg

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"What a fantastic site!!! So, so, much hard work by yourself (and others) make this so complete and such a brilliant site. I moved to Dunfermline in 1974 from Glasgow. I have a lot of fond memories, and some not so happy, at 'Night Magic', and, 'The Ballroom'. Is there anyway to receive a 'newsletter', would you consider? I am happy to submit my memories later. FYI My dad was Ricky Jobson's boss at Monotype in the 70's".

All the best for now,
John Whyte

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"Many thanks for the KinemaGigz site – I drop by there from time to time and it always make fascinating reading."

All the best,
James Inglis

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"Your website about the history of the Kinema Ballroom is superb. Honestly it is. Well researched, presented and really well kept. I enjoy looking at it and seeing the history of the Ballroom and all the bands that have played there, and from the gigs from 2000 and onwards. It's a nice wee nostalgia trip for me personally. Brings back some really good memories.
Long may it continue".


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"I met my future wife in the Ballroom in 1950. We were married for 46 years before she passed away. I will always have great memories of the Kinema Ballroom because it was love at first sight for me anyways. Cherry Grant was always stopping us jiving.,,,,,"

A 'Tiffy' (name supplied)

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Here's a quote I found from a Mr. Brian Hales in the autumn 2008 newsletter of the 'Old Caledonia Artificer Apprentices Association'.

"Were you a keen "Kin‟ goer in the boy Tiffy days?   If so you might be interested to open a pretty large website about it.   I found it by accident and it brought back a lot of happy memories.   Hope it will for you too".

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"I have been on the road with Nazareth for almost 25 years- this site is CAPTIVATING!"

Tam Sinclair.

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"It was with great pleasure that I found my old mates The Torpedoes/ Buzzards on this new fangled wizardry they call the wifi web tinternet. As you can probably tell I am a complete novice, please help a sad old duffer revisit my youth"

Kind regards,
Tam Sinclair

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"Greetings from Leslie".

"I am stunned by this site and your sterling work/devotion. I am working my way through the Bios of all the bands who've played the Kinema. I'm on a Who quest and can't wait to reach that section as I was there for two gigs which are seared on my retina".

"I see however that Fat Mattress are regarded as having been before Noel Redding's induction into The Experience. My hypothesis is in fact the reverse. I believe when he was relieved from duties by Jimi he formed Fat Mattress who indeed played The Kinema soon after. The gig was inglorious I'm afraid". (Correction in hand! - Ghoulz)

This is the best afternoon's trawl of the net in years and I intend to donate a few rock n roll Kinema memories soon"!


Geoff paints the most amazing stage backdrops for bands.
See his work at

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"Thanks for such a great website... I found it through Google after searching for Night Magic". "I used to regularly attend Night Magic between 1980 and 1984 and have some great memories of the fantastic lightshow and music". "I remember the night when the THRILLER video was shown for the first time, it was just awesome". "Thanks again..."

Kenny in Canada

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"What a fantastic site, this has brought back so many brilliant memories".

"Iron maiden in 1980, meeting them before (still have pictures outside & inside)".  "The Dead End Kids (getting our photos taken with Ali Kerr in the wee photo machine that used to be outside)".  "Rosetta Stone (ex Bay City Roller Ian Mitchell's band), meeting Ricky Jobson on the way home to my auntie's house and many good nights on the razz".

"I lived in Perth but my auntie stayed in Headwell Avenue, so we stayed there and me & various pals had many a good time at The Kinema for a night oot".  "We used to go to Waves first then onto The Kinema Ballroom but I also remember it being Night Magic & Hollywood Boulevard".  "But it has always been The Kinema to me".

"I now live in Chesterfield and I often talk about The Kinema".  "What a place -  long may it continue".

"Thanks for the memories",
Elma Paton.

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Hello there,
"I had a great night at the Kinema (Thursday 18th December 2008)".  "A really smart venue".  "The music was just fantastic and I enjoyed all three acts".  "I have contacts with Isa & the Filthy Tongues (my son-in-law's band is supporting them in Cabaret Voltaire on the 29th)  and I last saw Rezillos when they played the Liquid Room, Edinburgh a year or so ago".
"Thought I would send you some samples of the pics (at a reduced image quality size) I took on Thursday night". "Please use any of them on your great website if you wish"
"Hope you like them".
"Best wishes, and keep up the good work with the KinemaGigz site".
Ian Sloan.

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"You should be so proud of your website as this must be so special to people and I will definitely keep in touch, get pics and more info to you asap."

Take care,

Jo Sleeman

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Hi Ghoulz,

"Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your labour of love with me". "I found your site no less than amazing, it evoked every emotion possible". "The Kinema was my stamping ground for a number of years from the late 60s to the late 70s". "I saw some tremendous acts there including Cream, Spooky Tooth, Family, Edgar Broughton to name a few". "To say you have made me very happy would be an understatement". "Once again thank you very much".

Yours Faithfully,
Jim Sinclair

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Hi there - Greetings from Methil!

"What a brilliant site, I have just spent most of my Wednesday night going through it, excellent stuff".

"I never made any of the gigs at The Ballroom as I was too young". "Many of them I have heard about from friends and acquaintances over the years (with The Clash and Iron Maiden ones taking on mythic status after a few pints)".

"I could be wrong but didn't King Kurt play in around 1986/87?" "I am sure it was there that an old mate of mine saw them and was terrified when a really bad fight broke out just next to him (he was only 16 at the time)".

"I seem to remember Radio Forth heavily plugging a gig by King there just before their "Love and Pride" single was a hit as well".

"Keep up the good work - brilliant to know so many excellent acts have played in Fife over the years (if only it could be the same now)".


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Quote from 'Tom Morton's Beatcroft' (the blog of Tom Morton - Writer and broadcaster, based in Shetland; The Tom Morton Show goes out nationally and internationally every weekday on BBC Radio Scotland. Regular contributor to newspapers and magazines throughout the world.  Until recently he was also writing the 'Oor Wullie' & 'Broons' cartoon strips).

Wednesday November 7th 2007 - He wrote:

'Big bands, wee ( or just odd) gigs...and Fife, Kingdom of Rock'!

"Not only did Fife appear to have been the epicentre of Scottish rock 'n' roll activity throughout the 60s and 70s, but there were some extraordinary memories of incongruous band/venue matches".  "But it was Brian Petrie who pointed me in the direction of the extraordinary KinemaGigz website, a detailed history of the Kinema venue in Dunfermline (still functioning as 'Velocity') and the 10,000 odd gigs that have taken place there".  "What on earth was it about Fife"?

Tom Morton - Writer and BBC broadcaster

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"This site is one of the Best Reads I've had in a long time".  "The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline is unknown to me but Dunfermline is a large town in Scotland". "This venue has seen some really big names in music on its stage which would put the proper better known venues in the big cities to blush".


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"Hi, I have just found your website".  "It's 5***** ".  "It brings back lots of memories".
"Keep up the good work and many thanks for the memories".

Kind regards,
Charles Allan (Camera)

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"Great site! Saw quite a few of the gigs in late 60s/early 70s - including the Cream one while I was still a 15 year old schoolboy!"

Mike Cassidy

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Dear Ghoulz.

"You've certainly won your place in the annals of "the toon". Just spent the best Saturday afternoon reliving gigs, people and the buzz that was the ballroom and Dunfermline in years gone by".

"Seen a bit of the world now and happily settled in Ireland but thanks to your dedication and devotion to the task with a simple click of a button I can be transported into a time when there was no tomorrow. Would love to shake your hand the next time I'm home".

"Keep up the good work and a great big thank you".

Davey Campbell (The Gift)

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"Excellent work, brought back a lot of memories for me".

Phyllis Morris

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"I wish you well with your web site". "It has brought my wife and I some lovely memories of good times".


Tom Morrison.

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"Great work once again on the Ballroom site, Ghoulz". "An incredible resource for aging musos like myself!"

Yogi at

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Hi mate,

"Got to say your site is superb, and you've certainly done your homework". "Love your review of The Skids Glen gigs, what a blast those few days were". "Keep up the good work".

"All the best".

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"I enjoy visiting the Kinema site ..... problem is it reminds me of gigs I was at ........... a long time ago ..... "


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"Superb site Ghoulz, well impressed"


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"Amazing work and dedication on your website amigo, something for Dunfermline to be really proud of".

Thomas Moffat (Visit

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"Absolutely unbelievable dedication and a wealth of information".

"Thanks to people like your good self memories are refreshed and my personal love of Scotland and anything related to it is well served! Big two thumbs up!"

"Stay alive"


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"Ghoulz, having done something similar for the California Ballroom in Dunstable, I know just how much work goes into a site like this. FLAMING LOADS!! I'm now at the stage where if I never see another microfiche of old news papers it'll be too soon".

"My site has now been running for 4 years and is beginning to be picked up for research projects on the old bands many of whom just don't get mentions on the web. Rest assured that what you are doing here is an important historical record".

"Best of luck & best wishes".

Jaybee (

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"May I congratulate you on the way you have laid everything out. Very fine job".

Noel Lawrence (Johnny Mike & The Shades)

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"This is Virginia Scott from Beggars Opera :-) Thank you very much for this !!!!
It is just superb".

Virginia Scott
Beggars Opera

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"I have many memories of my days in the 60's going to see the various bands, who played there". "I have a collection of autographs from those days, also pictures of the bands". "Most of my friends think they are fake and I couldn't have really seen all those famous names in one venue". "I'm glad I found this website".


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Hi Ghoulz,

"I read with interest, your report on myself in your web site on the Dunfermline Kinema". "Amazingly accurate!"
"I have no  recollection of playing there – but all the other stuff is true!" "Thanks for the memories (because I had forgotten them!)"

Drew McCulloch" (
Lucas & McCulloch)

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"Ghoulz, my memories of the Kinema are of great importance to me". "It's where we supported the Clash". "It was also the place we most looked forward to playing in the early days and dreamed of headlining, which we did on many occasions". "The first time we played was an amazing experience, sold out, buses coming from all over Fife - a truly incredible night for me, a 17 year old local boy and I'm sure for the rest of the band". "These were the happiest times for us, before we changed and slowly pulled apart".

"Congratulations on the site".

"Merry Xmas" (2006)

Richard Jobson (The Skids)

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"Colin, I just stumbled across your site recently as I have one in the top 100 Scottish sites too(http:\\". "Yours is obviously a labour of love". "What an incredible amount of detail."

"Well done".

Frank Boyle
(Scottish Press Awards 'Cartoonist of the Year' 2003 & 2006 and author of 'Boyling Point' in the Edinburgh Evening News).

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"I pop into the KinemaGigz site from time to time and have passed it on to a lot of my friends who have been highly impressed by your dedication and expertise...keep up the sterling work!"

Derek Armstrong (Trax)

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"What a great site. Brings back many 'No More Heroes' memories!!!!!"


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"Kinemagigz is now on my favourites list, I will be visiting regularly. Keep up the good work !!"


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Hi Ghoulz

"Absolutely brilliant site, well done to you and everyone else who contributed". "Thanks for the memories".

Bill Simpson (The Skids)

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Some comments from's 'Off Topic' forum.

"The Ballroom has a lot to answer for - I met my wife there! Two sons and a granddaughter would not exist if it wasn't for the Ballroom" - Granda
"Absolutely fantastic piece of work to put this together! Brilliant site which has set a lot of tongues wagging in the pubs I can tell you" -
"Wow just spent an hour on there, filled in a lot of blanks with dates and bands that I had completely forgotten and of course Ghoulz the main man and Trax archivist" -
Marchmont Par
"Fascinating website, much respect to the guy who put it together, looks like a hell of a lot of work has gone into it. Reading the story behind it has changed my perspective on not just the building's history, but that of the town itself" -
Some names there that you'd never have even dream about playing in Dunfermline nowadays (or ever again for that matter), Cream, David Bowie, The Clash. I didn't realise The Falcons were as big as that either. I just thought they were a bunch of guys who played covers in Sinky's on a Thursday night" - Digs

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"Congratulations on a great site and a lovely trip down memory lane as a performer but mostly as a member of the audience".



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Hi Ghoulz,

"I am a bit of an archivist as well". "It's great that you have the dedication to do this". "Keep up the good work and I shall have a look for some info from my own archives pertaining to the Ballroom."


Bruce Watson (Big Country)

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"All I can say Ghoulz is well done, fantastic site, better dare I say than the Apollo site. Certainly fills in a few gaps in my alcohol dimmed memory of those days. I particularly loved the bit on 'Trax'. Wow you did well there mate".

Sandy F

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"I hope to find some more time in the school holidays to have a real trawl through this splendid record of Dunfermline's musical history and wish you the best of luck in building it up to something which is more awesome than it already is. Good luck in your endeavours".

"Best wishes".


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"Looks very impressive, and a far bigger undertaking than I had imagined. In fact, quite a wealth of biographical detail on there that I'm sure I'll revisit at some point".
"Huge amount of info. I suppose the best thing would be if you could contact bands to see if they have any clear memories of the gig, etc, but that would be a mountainous endeavour. Naturally, if there are any bands you think I may be able to help you trace, would be delighted to help".
"Well done!"

Alex Ogg (Author of 'No More Heroes')

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"Well done to Colin for a fantastic web-site of the KB. I hope the people who view the site will respect the amount of work that has went into the content of the site. As a researcher of various venues in the town (including the Ballroom) all of the hours spent researching a project such as this deserves a great amount of credit. Well done".

Brian Nobile

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"Hi Colin, Very interesting site".

"Well done!"


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"Well Colin what can we say. What a website!!! Must have been such hard work - well done!! Not managed to view it all but what we have is fab. Give that halo a big polish!! Now get on with the housework!"

"Keep up the good work".

Gill & family

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