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Grace Graham's Kinema Autographs from 1965
Kinema Autographs

Fife's first ever music fanzine / punkzine published in Dunfermline 1977-1979 - Read them here.
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Scottish Beat Groups Promotional Brochure from 1964
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What About Us: A Rocklopaedia of Britian's Other Recording Groups, 1962-1966
Recommended Book

Biographies of The Rezillos, The Scars, The Skids, Trax & The Valves and many, many more appear in this wonderful book by Alex Ogg
Recommended Book

'Are Ye Dancin'? (The story of Scotlandís dance halls, rockíníroll and how yer Da met yer Maw)í
Recommended Book

Dunfermline's Wonderful Weather!

In Memory of Stuart Adamson


Sources & Credits


This entire work is respectfully dedicated to my late and very much loved and missed parents:

Joan Flett Neilson Mather (aka Dora Gourlay) my inspiration and life guide.

William Watson Marr Gourlay (aka Bill Gourlay) my mentor and a much respected cinema manager with 'JB Milne' & 'Caledonian Associated Cinemas', particularly in Dunfermline.


My thanks go to:

My lovely wife Margaret & remarkable daughter Tegan for their loving support, encouragement, tolerance & patience over the initial 11 months I spent researching & building the initial site and all the subsequent years of upkeep/additions when I really ought to have been doing housework & DIY!

My brother Ian AM Gourlay for instilling a passion in me for interesting music which has informed and enriched my every day.

My life-long respected and closest of friends Dr Neill Martin who continues to open my ears to the possibilities contained in music of all sorts and has done since we were nine years old. Truly a natural teacher!

The staff of the Local History Department of The Central Carnegie Library in Dunfermline, Fife and in particular, Helen Penman. The vast majority of the gig data was gleaned from a three-month, page by page trawl through 70 years of our local weekly newspaper 'The Dunfermline Press' held in the 35mm microfilm archive of the Local History Dept of our fantastic Carnegie Central Library (the first Carnegie Library in the world and one of the best libraries in Scotland). During my semi-residence there I was most ably assisted by their friendly and highly professional staff. If it's been a while since you were last there, you're missing out on a great resource.  As they say, "use it or lose it"

The many webmasters, published authors and members of the public who have contributed to this site. Their generous assistance is invaluable and they can be seen listed below.

Thank you Anon!

I have several anonymous benefactors who have regularly sent me nuggets of missing data and links to other sites containing some of the outstanding information I need for this site, especially the more obscure stuff that takes a great deal of dedicated time & effort to find.

I'm really so grateful for this assistance and would like to recognise them and add their names to my list of valued contributors below so I'd ask that they make themselves known to me, however I also respect their desire for anonymity should they wish not to reveal their identity.

Meantime I'll just list them here as 'The Anonymous Contributor(s)' and say,  "Thank you all very much indeed!"

Cheers, enjoy the site ...


Valued Contributors.

I'm indebted to the following individuals for their much valued contributions:

David Adamson (Paradox)
Bill Adcock (Monolug & Kaywana Stock)
Mark Aldridge (Copycats)
Stuart Alexander

Charles Allan (Camera)
Ronnie Allan
Mike Anderson (Thai band 'Seu-uh Sooay')
Anonymous (There's been a few shy ones!)
Deke Armstrong (Trax & Thai band 'Seu-uh Sooay')
Roy Ashby - (Clockwork Orange / Bedtime Story)
Gordon Baird
Graham Bell (
Activan & The Hibernating Bears)
Christopher Bentley
Andy Bick - Portrait

David Boag (Melbourne, Aus)
Mick Brennan (Monolug)
Alan Brown of CLG
Kirstine Burnett
Maureen Burney
David Burns
John Burns
Tam Burns
Tam Cairns
George Caldwell (The Downtown Flyers)
Davy Campbell (The Gift)

Mike Cassidy
Jim Condie (The New Broom Blues band)
Rita Cotton -
Pete Creswell - Bobby Angelo & the Tuxedos
Ann Cuthbert
- Memories
Tommy Devlin (Pure Glass)
Colin Dodd - (Genesis)
Freda Drysdale (local cabaret singer)
Tony Duffy - Biocar
Murray Duncan
Gordon Eady (Grey By The Gun)

Alex Eddie
John Edwards

Bob Elliot
Kathy Enfield
Keith Falconer (The Subject)
Catherine Fee (Fantasy)
Imelda Ferry

Alan Forester (Richfield Springs)

John Foster
Bunty Freeman
Tich Frier (Tich Frier)
John Gallacher of CLG
Ken Garden - Scotch
Brian Geary (the bear) (Fagin & Frenzy)
Cath & Kevin Geoghegan (The Emerald Showband)
Jim Gibson - (Causeway Folk)

David Gilchrist
(grandson of George Hylands - first Kinema Manager)
Peter Gillies - Wayne Gibson and the Dynamic Sounds
Davie Gordon
Ian AM Gourlay (Author's  Brother)
Alistair Graham (Morag's Autographs)

Billy Graham
Graham (Morag's Autographs)
Robbie Gray (The Dead End Kids)
Alan Grieve (Ballroom General Memories)
John Grieve (Ballroom General Memories)
Andy Grossart (The Change)
Paul Gudgin
Ian Haddow (Spellbinders & Sunset Culture & Dum De Dum)

Brian Hale
Brian Headrick
- Deuce, Abnormal Load
Mark 'HiFi' Harris (The Rezillos)
Hertspar (
Richard (Dick) Hewat - (Jody)
Alan Hill [auldpar at forum] (Kaywana Stock/The Office Boy/Memories/Carterbar/Maxi's Taxi)
Brian Hogg - Author of 'The History of Scottish Rock & Pop - all that ever mattered'
Archie Hood (Bulldog)
Ian Hossack (The Golden Crusaders)
Mary Howe
Tom Hyslop (Vehicle & Yankee)
Jack Irving (Heidi)
Ken Jensen (The Blackhawks & Macbeth periscope)
Richard Jobson - The Skids
Vicky Johnson
Christine Jones (Emile Ford & The Original Checkmates)

Graham Jones (Mama's little Children)
Bob Kelly - (Tivvy & Press Gang)
Tony Kelly - The Beggarmen
Bill Kerr - (Platform)
David Kerr (The Torpedoes)
Jim Kirkpatrick
Margo Kirkpatrick
John Laird
Noel Lawrence (Johnny Mike & The Shades)
Bob Leiser
Ronnie Lessels (Rip Kirby)
Elizabeth Lewis
Robert J Lindsay -
Mangas Colorado, Poly / Hombre, Anthem / Brooklyn, Sha-Boom & Street Party
Tommy Lister (Dunfermline City Jazzmen)
Mick Loftus (Downtown Flyers)

Jane Loiacono
Dave Lorentzen
(Night Magic & Hollywood Boulevard DJ)
Davy M Lowe (Stirlingshire Music Scene 50s to the 70s & beyond)
Mairi MacIver - Snowblind
Gerry MacPherson - (Colosseum pix)
David Marr (Sugar)
Doreen Marshall (The Revellers)
Dougie Mathieson (Jack Easy)
Eric McCleave (Cowfreak) - (Alto Cirrus)
Gerry McFarlane (Rockin' Chair)
Billy McGhee - Index & Crisp

Kevin McGinlay (Salvation)
Geraldine McGuckin
Neil McIntosh - Tandem / Fresh
Rab McKean (Sparrie)

David McLaren
Mike McMillan - (Fagin)
Gerry McMullan

(Activan's roadie)
Steve Menzies (Rokotto)
Ken Miles
Ray Minhinnett - Highway

Tom Morrison
Phil Muir (Paris)
John Murray

Bill Nisbet (of The Ambassadors & The Sole Generation)
Gill Nisbet (The Heenan Froude Set)

Brian Nobile (Dunfermline's Entertainment Historian)
Des O'Reilly (The Puppets)
Alex Ogg - Author of 'No More Heroes'
Pano (Slurpy Gloop)
pedroboy (of DAFC's Off-Topic Forum)

Brendan Phelan (The Laggan)
Richard Prest (Onyx)

Stuart Prentice
Jack Pryde (Cliff Richard)
John Ramage (Pat Kelly & New Broom)
Hugh Rankin (Gideon's Wake)
Martin Robb (Hollywood Boulevard Manager)

Watty Robertson (The Change &, Bobby Dene & The Dynamos & The Red Hawks, The Jim Brown Showband & Paris)
Timon Rose - The Avengers
Alan Ross The Chessmen
James Russell - (The Gift)
Stephen Russell

Jim Scott (Night Magic DJ)
Helen Scott
Virginia Scott (Beggar's Opera)
Eileen Sheekey
Alexander (Sandy) Shepherd

Bill Simpson - The Skids
Rob Sinclair

Tam Sinclair

Ian Sloan (photographs)
Stephen Small (Ryan Express, Phyne Thanquz, Ginger, The Jets)

Ray & Kay Smillie ( forum)
Alan Smith (Smid)
Bob Smith (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers ticket)

Dave Smith (The Zephyr Guitar Four & Mike Satan & The Hellcats & The Hellcats Showband)
Ken Smith
Joe Smith

Martin E Stern (Sweet Blindness / Capricorn / Paris)

Stevie Starr
Alex Stean (Thunderclap Newman)

Robert Strain (Fagin & Smiles)
Steve Tawse - Deuce, Abnormal Load
Eddie Taylor
Mike Taylor

'Big' John Thompson (Sir Percy and the Riot Squad)
Iain Townson
Carol Turnbull
Kenny Turner (Jaspa)

Frank Walker (Flying Hat Band)

Stevie Walker

John Warburg (many & various)
Murray Ward (
Fagin & Downtown Flyers)
Roger Warwick (The Four Kents)
Bruce Watson (Delinx & Big Country &
The Skids)
Angus Watt
Bruce Welsh - Author of 'What About Us'
Fred White - (Maxi's Taxi) & (The Index)
Tony Whelan (Trax)
Anne Wilkie - (
Skids Photos)
Jim Wilkie - Author of 'Blue Suede Brogans'
Yogi (

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Further reading.

The original biographies (Biogz) I have written, were researched from a multitude of web sites and books too numerous to present here or to remember for that matter, however below is a short list of the indispensable books I have used and to which I continue to refer ... and I heartily recommend them to you for further reading.

Title & Author

Subject (s)

'No More Heroes' by Alex Ogg


'Are Ye Dancin' by Eddie Tobin & Martin Keilty


'SAHB Story' by Martin Keilty

SAHB & associated

'Apollo Memories' by Martin Keilty


'Big Noise' by Martin KeiltyVarious

'The Rhythm Method' by Nicky Forbes

The Rezillos / The Revillos

'Blue Suede Brogans' by Jim Wilkie


'Minstrels, Poets and Vagabonds' by Robert Fields


'British Hit Singles & Albums' (Guinness)


'Fit Like, New York?' by Peter Innes


'The Great Rock Discography' by Martin C. Strong


'The Great Scots Musicography' by Martin C. Strong


'The Great Alternative & Indie Discography' by Martin C. Strong


'The History of Scottish Rock & Pop' by Brian Hogg


'The Tapestry of Delights - Revisited' by Vernon Joynson


'If I Was' by Midge Ure

Ultravox / Various

'This Day in Music' by Neil Cossar

Various Info

'Alternative Rock' by Dave Thompson


'Kingdom Come' (Dunfermline fanzine) by Johnny Waller


Other biographies (Biogz) were re-published from the web sites below with the authors' permission, however if I have omitted any please don't hesitate to get in touch & I'll rectify any concerns you may have.

I heartily recommend you visit these sites.

Web Address

Subject (s)


Many & Various


The Gun

Strawberry Switchblade & Status Quo

Al Matthews

The Amazing Blondel

Rosetta Stone


Atomic Rooster

The Average White Band

Barbara Dickson

Jody / TNT / Sloopy

Stealers Wheel

Bilbo Baggins

The Clash


Humphrey Lyttleton


Chris Barber


Thin Lizzy



The Currie Brothers


Dutch Swing College Band

Phats and Small

Jimmy Somerville


Cumbrian Bands of the 60s

Cumbrian Bands of the 70s

John Watt

John Foreman



Geno Washington

Monty Sunshine



Dave and Toni Arthur

Gordon Pattullo

Alan Elsdon



The Tommy Sampson Orchestra

Peter King

John Faulkner

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers

The Real Thing

Louis Killen



Various dates

Noel Murphy

Mary Kiani

Lord Caesar Sutch

Mike Whellans

Morris McPhillips

Breakaway & Sound of the Echoes


Sid Phillips

Folk Artists



Kelly Marie

Ewan MacColl

Johnny Silvo

Aly Bain


New Londonbeat

Urban Cookie Collective


The Flys

Jack Jackson & His Band

Iain MacKintosh

Isla St Clair Revillos

Gallagher & Lyle

Freddie 'Fingers' Lee


Shirley Lewis

Right Said Fred



Jimmy MacBeath


Cissy Stone

Bill Barclay

The Stranglers

Ray Ellington

Leo Sayer

Heinz (& The Wild Boys)

The Lancastrians

Pat McNulty

Vince Eager

Viola Wills

Alastair McDonald

The Whistlebinkies

The Brook Brothers

For other sites worthy of your attention see my Links page

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