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Folk At The KB continued on Tuesdays through 1972 albeit with a summer break in July & August. Alexian Folk were the resident folk support until May and Causeway Folk became the resident folk support from September 1972.

Though some bands performed fairly frequently, The Change were the main Ballroom residents of 1972.


Highlights this year included:

Aly Bain
Barclay James Harvest
Beggar's Opera
Billy Connolly
Wayne Fontana
Gallagher & Lyle
Dick Gaughan
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
The JSD Band
The Love Affair
Matt McGinn
Rab Noakes
The Tommy Sampson Orchestra
The Tannahill Weavers
Thin Lizzy
Geno Washington
John Watt
The Whistlebinkies


January 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/01/1972SaturdayIndexThe Change
02/01/1972SundayBubblesThe Change
07/01/1972FridaySalvationThe Change
08/01/1972SaturdayClose FriendsThe Change
09/01/1972SundayThe Change

11/01/1972TuesdayMatt McGinnAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
14/01/1972FridayThe FenceThe Change
15/01/1972SaturdayHoroscopeThe Change
16/01/1972SundayByzantiumThe Change
18/01/1972TuesdayAlex CampbellAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
21/01/1972FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
22/01/1972SaturdayColour BlindThe ChangeDavid Bowie announces his bisexuality in a 'Melody Maker' interview on this day!
23/01/1972SundayThe VergeThe Change
25/01/1972TuesdayAlastair McDonaldAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
28/01/1972FridayWayne FontanaStone Face / Bubbles / The Change
29/01/1972SaturdayPendulumThe Change
30/01/1972SundayThe JSD BandThe Change

February 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/02/1972TuesdayRankin File
Folk At The KB
04/02/1972FridayDog WatchThe Change
05/02/1972SaturdayGeno WashingtonBlizzard / The Change
06/02/1972SundayBarclay James HarvestThe Change 
08/02/1972TuesdayMike WhellansAly Bain / Alexian FolkFolk At The KB
11/02/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
12/02/1972SaturdayMickey FinnThe Change
13/02/1972SundayTear GasThe Change
15/02/1972TuesdayThe LeesidersAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
18/02/1972FridayThe FenceThe Change
19/02/1972SaturdayThe Change

20/02/1972SundayMedicine HeadThe Change

22/02/1972TuesdayThe Great Northern Jook BandAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
25/02/1972FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
26/02/1972SaturdayThe Change

27/02/1972SundayArrivalThin Lizzy / Barabbas
29/02/1972TuesdayMajor WileyAlexian FolkFolk At The KB

March 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/03/1972FridayBlizzardThe Change
04/03/1972SaturdayMickey FinnThe Change
05/03/1972SundayThe Change

07/03/1972TuesdayColin ScotAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
10/03/1972FridayMaxi's TaxiFlak
11/03/1972SaturdayNicholsonSkin Deep
12/03/1972SundayMickey Finn

14/03/1972TuesdayBitter WithyDanny Kyle / Alexian FolkFolk At The KB
17/03/1972FridayThe FenceThe Change
18/03/1972SaturdayMixed SpiceThe Change
21/03/1972TuesdayAlexian Folk
Folk At The KB
24/03/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
25/03/1972SaturdayIndexThe Change
28/03/1972TuesdayHigh Speed GrassAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
31/03/1972FridayMahatma Kane JeevesThe Change

April 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/04/1972SaturdayMixed SpiceThe Change
02/04/1972SundayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
07/04/1972FridayDog WatchThe Change
08/04/1972SaturdayRaspberryThe Change
11/04/1972TuesdayDerrol AdamsAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
14/04/1972FridayMixed SpiceThe Change
15/04/1972SaturdayMickey FinnThe Change
18/04/1972TuesdayBill Barclay
Folk At The KB
21/04/1972FridayIndexThe Change
22/04/1972SaturdaySnowblindThe Change
23/04/1972SundayGypsyMorgan / Mark Ashton
28/04/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
29/04/1972SaturdayIndexThe Change

May 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/05/1972TuesdayBilly ConnollyAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
05/05/1972FridayDog WatchThe Change
06/05/1972SaturdayFlossThe Change
09/05/1972TuesdayThe Waverleys
Folk At The KB
12/05/1972FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
13/05/1972SaturdayIndexThe Change
16/05/1972TuesdayNew Broom
Folk At The KB
19/05/1972FridayPatt'r FourThe Change 
20/05/1972SaturdayBlizzardThe ChangeT.Rex at #1 on this day with 'Metal Guru'
23/05/1972TuesdayRab NoakesNoel Farrow / Cilla Fisher / Artie Trezise / Tommy BonnarCilla Fisher & Artie Trezise are better known now as two of "The Singing Kettle"
26/05/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
27/05/1972SaturdayThe Love AffairThe Change
30/05/1972TuesdayMike WhellansJohn Watt / Noel Farrow / Cilla Fisher / Artie Trezise / Tommy BonnarCilla Fisher & Artie Trezise are better known now as two of "The Singing Kettle"

June 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/06/1972FridaySun DancersThe Change
03/06/1972SaturdaySweet BlindnessThe ChangeSweet Blindness was a five-piece showband
04/06/1972SundayThe Chris McClure SectionThe Change
06/06/1972TuesdayHigh Speed GrassJohn Watt / Noel Farrow / Cilla Fisher / Artie Trezise / Tommy BonnarCilla Fisher & Artie Trezise are better known now as two of "The Singing Kettle"
09/06/1972FridayDog WatchThe Change
10/06/1972SaturdayMixed SpiceThe Change
13/06/1972TuesdayThe LagganJohn Watt / Noel Farrow / Cilla Fisher / Artie Trezise / Tommy BonnarCilla Fisher & Artie Trezise are better known now as two of "The Singing Kettle"
16/06/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
17/06/1972SaturdayNazarethThe Change
20/06/1972TuesdayGallagher & LyleJohn Watt / Noel Farrow / Cilla Fisher / Artie Trezise / Tommy BonnarCilla Fisher & Artie Trezise are better known now as two of "The Singing Kettle"
23/06/1972FridayMarigoldThe Change
24/06/1972SaturdayHeidiThe Change
27/06/1972TuesdayAly BainDick Gaughan / John Watt / Noel Farrow / Cilla Fisher / Artie Trezise / Tommy BonnarCilla Fisher & Artie Trezise are better known now as two of "The Singing Kettle"
30/06/1972FridayDog WatchThe Change

July 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/07/1972SaturdayBedtime StoryThe Change
07/07/1972FridayHeidiThe Change
08/07/1972SaturdaySleaz BandThe Change
14/07/1972FridayMarigoldThe Change
15/07/1972SaturdayCrispThe Change
16/07/1972SundaySalvationThe Change
21/07/1972FridayMixed SpiceThe Change
22/07/1972SaturdayThe Bowery BoysThe Change
28/07/1972FridayBubblesThe Change

August 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
04/08/1972FridayFaginThe Change
05/08/1972SaturdayHeidiThe Change
11/08/1972FridayPolyThe Change
12/08/1972SaturdayCrispThe Change
25/08/1972FridayMixed SpiceSweatband
26/08/1972SaturdayMixed SpicePriory

September 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/09/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
02/09/1972SaturdayBeggar's OperaThe Change 
08/09/1972FridayPendulumThe Change
09/09/1972SaturdayAnthemThe Change
12/09/1972TuesdayCauseway Folk
Folk At The KB
15/09/1972FridayCrispThe Change
16/09/1972SaturdayPolyThe Change
19/09/1972TuesdayThe CluthaCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
22/09/1972FridayThe VergeThe Change
23/09/1972SaturdayIron VirginThe Change
26/09/1972TuesdayThe SkerriesCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
29/09/1972FridayFaginThe Change
30/09/1972SaturdayCinnamonThe Change

October 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/10/1972SundayRip KirbyThe Change
03/10/1972TuesdayArchie FisherCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
06/10/1972FridayBlizzardThe Change
07/10/1972SaturdayGraphiteThe Change
10/10/1972TuesdayThe WhistlebinkiesCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
13/10/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
14/10/1972SaturdayAnthemThe Change
17/10/1972TuesdayThe BuskersCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
20/10/1972FridayPendulumThe Change
21/10/1972SaturdaySweatbandThe Change
24/10/1972TuesdayKevin MitchellLiz & Maggie Cruikshank / Causeway FolkFolk At The KB
27/10/1972FridayCrispThe Change
28/10/1972SaturdaySmilesThe Change
31/10/1972TuesdayCauseway FolkThe LagganFolk At The KB

November 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/11/1972FridayDog WatchThe Change
04/11/1972SaturdayIron VirginThe Change
07/11/1972TuesdayCauseway FolkThe Galloways
Folk At The KB
10/11/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
11/11/1972SaturdayAnthemThe Change
14/11/1972TuesdayMike WhellansCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
17/11/1972FridayMacbeth PeriscopeThe Change
18/11/1972SaturdaySun DancersThe Change
21/11/1972TuesdayThe Tannahill WeaversCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
24/11/1972FridayPendulumThe Change
25/11/1972SaturdayPolyThe Change
28/11/1972TuesdayLesley HaleCauseway FolkFolk At The KB

December 1972

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/12/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
02/12/1972SaturdayFaginThe Change
05/12/1972TuesdayThe Marshall BrothersCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
08/12/1972FridayCapricornThe Change
09/12/1972SaturdayAnthemThe Change
12/12/1972TuesdayGillie MorCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
15/12/1972FridayCrispThe Change
16/12/1972SaturdayThe Sensational Alex Harvey BandThe Change
19/12/1972TuesdayJim HerdCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
21/12/1972ThursdayThe Tommy Sampson OrchestraMacbeth Periscope
22/12/1972FridayPendulumThe Change
23/12/1972SaturdayThe ChangePriory
24/12/1972SundayBlizzardThe Change
29/12/1972FridayBubblesThe Change
30/12/1972SaturdayNazarethThe Change
31/12/1972SundayThe JSD Band

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