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Folk At The KB continued on Tuesdays through 1971 albeit with a summer break in July & August.

A fundraising concert took place on 10th January 1971 in aid of the Ibrox disaster fund (only eight days after the tragedy.

1971's resident support was The Change and Nazareth made their first appearance at the ballroom in August.

Highlights this year included:

Atomic Rooster
Barclay James Harvest

The Bay City Rollers
Beggar's Opera
Graham Bond
The Edgar Broughton Band

Billy Connolly

Curved Air

The Dubliners
Edison Lighthouse
Rory Gallagher
The Groundhogs

The Humblebums
Hamish Imlach

Elton John

The JSD Band

Alexis Korner

Tommy Makem

Manfred Mann

The McCalmans
Medicine Head

Mott The Hoople

Watt Nicoll



Skid Row
The Strawbs
Stealers Wheel
Uriah Heep
John Watt


January 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/01/1971FridayBubblesThe ChangeBubbles were paid £30 for a one hour spot
02/01/1971SaturdayBlackthornThe Change
03/01/1971SundayTear GasThe Change
05/01/1971TuesdayAlex Campbell
Folk At The KB
08/01/1971FridayThe ConcordsThe Change
09/01/1971SaturdayThe Bay City RollersThe Change / The Set
10/01/1971SundayThe Change
All proceeds to the Ibrox disaster fund
12/01/1971TuesdayHamish Imlach
Folk At The KB
15/01/1971FridayThe BeingsThe Change
16/01/1971SaturdayThe SetThe Change
17/01/1971SundayMott The HoopleThe Change
19/01/1971TuesdayBitter Withy
Folk At The KB
22/01/1971FridaySuede *The Change* Not the same band successful in the 90s!
23/01/1971SaturdayDog WatchThe Change
24/01/1971SundayHardin & YorkThe Change
26/01/1971TuesdayThe Great Fife Roadshow
Folk At The KB
29/01/1971FridayBubblesThe ChangeBubbles were paid £30 for a one hour spot
30/01/1971SaturdayColour BlindThe Change
31/01/1971SundayJackson HeightsThe Change

February 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/02/1971TuesdayThe Humblebums
Folk At The KB
05/02/1971FridayBubblesThe Change
06/02/1971SaturdaySalvationThe Change
07/02/1971SundayMay BlitzThe Change
09/02/1971TuesdayWatt Nicoll
Folk At The KB
12/02/1971FridayIndexThe Change
13/02/1971SaturdayPendulumThe Change
14/02/1971SundayElton JohnThe Change
16/02/1971TuesdayBill Barclay
Folk At The KB
19/02/1971FridayCat VioletThe Change
20/02/1971SaturdayHoroscopeThe Change
21/02/1971SundayBrinsley SchwarzThe Change
23/02/1971TuesdayChordah Cleich
Folk At The KB
26/02/1971FridayThe PhoenixThe Change
27/02/1971SaturdayCopper PlateThe Change
28/02/1971SundayGroundhogsThe Change

March 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/03/1971TuesdayWatt Nicoll
Folk At The KB

06/03/1971SaturdayThe Set

07/03/1971SundaySkid RowDaddy Long Legs
09/03/1971TuesdayThe SkerriesThe Roving Kind / Whisky FizzFolk At The KB
12/03/1971FridayThe FenceThe Change
13/03/1971SaturdaySalvationThe Change
14/03/1971SundayAtomic RoosterIf 
16/03/1971TuesdayJohnny SilvoDave MosesFolk At The KB
19/03/1971FridayIndexThe Change
20/03/1971SaturdayThe AvengersThe Change
21/03/1971SundayYesThe Change
23/03/1971TuesdayThe HumblebumsBilly ConnollyFolk At The KB
26/03/1971FridayDusty Hutt

27/03/1971SaturdayThe Chris McClure Section

28/03/1971SundayCochiseEdgar Broughton Band
30/03/1971TuesdayThe Travelling People
Folk At The KB

April 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/04/1971FridayCameraThe Change
03/04/1971SaturdayCrumbleThe Change
04/04/1971SundayThe StrawbsThe Change
06/04/1971TuesdayThe McCalmans
Folk At The KB
09/04/1971FridayPrioryThe Change
10/04/1971SaturdayEdison LighthouseThe Change
11/04/1971SundayArgentSlade / The Change
13/04/1971TuesdayBilly Connolly
Folk At The KB
16/04/1971FridayPendulumThe Change
17/04/1971SaturdayThe ReflectionThe ChangeAll 4 Beatles had solo chart hits on this day.
18/04/1971SundayMedicine HeadThe Change
20/04/1971TuesdayAli WatsonMike MoranFolk At The KB
23/04/1971FridayThe PhoenixThe ChangeThe Rolling Stones album 'Sticky Fingers' released UK on this day with the famous Andy Warhol cover including a working metal zip!
24/04/1971SaturdayThe SetThe Change
25/04/1971SundayTear GasThe Change
27/04/1971TuesdayThe JSD Band
Folk At The KB
30/04/1971FridayDusty HuttThe Change

May 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/05/1971SaturdayRockin' ChairThe Change
02/05/1971SundaySteamhammerThe Change
04/05/1971TuesdayTown Choice
Folk At The KB
07/05/1971FridayThe ReflectionThe Change
08/05/1971SaturdayCrumbleThe Change
09/05/1971SundayClimax Chicago *Hawkwind / The Change* AKA The Climax Chicago Blues Band or The Climax Blues Band
11/05/1971TuesdayStealers Wheel
Featuring Rab Noakes & Gerry Rafferty
14/05/1971FridayMaxi's Taxi

15/05/1971SaturdayThe Avengers

16/05/1971SundayAlexis KornerBarclay James Harvest 
18/05/1971TuesdayRedd Sullivan
Folk At The KB
21/05/1971FridaySalvationThe Change
22/05/1971SaturdayMarmaladeThe Change
23/05/1971SundayAegisThe Change
25/05/1971TuesdayJohnny Ballard
Folk At The KB
28/05/1971FridayThe PhoenixThe Change
29/05/1971SaturdayCameraThe Change
30/05/1971SundayUriah HeepThe Change
31/05/1971MondayThe JSD Band
Folk At The KB (Monday this week)

June 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
04/06/1971FridayThe ReflectionThe Change
05/06/1971SaturdayBodkinThe Change
06/06/1971SundayNicholsonThe Change
08/06/1971TuesdayThe Fife Reivers
Folk At The KB
11/06/1971FridayThe FenceThe Change
12/06/1971SaturdayFour In A BushThe Change
13/06/1971SundayBeggar's OperaThe Change 
15/06/1971TuesdayThe Dubliners
Folk At The KB
18/06/1971FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
19/06/1971SaturdayThe AvengersThe Change
20/06/1971SundayOsibisaThe Change
Folk At The KB
25/06/1971FridayStumbleThe Change
26/06/1971SaturdayThe PhoenixThe Change
27/06/1971SundaySteamhammerThe Change
29/06/1971TuesdayTommy MakemBilly ConnollyFolk At The KB

July 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/07/1971FridayThe VergeThe Change
03/07/1971SaturdayCrumbleThe Change
04/07/1971SundayGentle Giant*The Change* Actually advertised in the local press as 'Gentle Gent'
09/07/1971FridayThe HeatThe Phoenix
10/07/1971SaturdayWarren Davis BandThe Phoenix
11/07/1971SundayColosseumMangas ColoradoTickets 75p at the door or 60p in advance
16/07/1971FridayFreshThe Change
17/07/1971SaturdayManfred MannThe Change
18/07/1971SundayBodkinThe Change
23/07/1971FridayPrioryThe Change
24/07/1971SaturdayHoroscopeThe Change
25/07/1971SundayThe JSD BandThe Change
30/07/1971FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
31/07/1971SaturdayBubblesThe Change

August 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/08/1971SundayPink FairiesThe Change
06/08/1971FridayThe FenceThe Change
07/08/1971SaturdaySugarThe Change
08/08/1971SundayCloudsThe Change
13/08/1971FridayIndexThe Change
14/08/1971SaturdayMoll's MyreThe Change
15/08/1971SundayTear GasNorthwind
20/08/1971FridayThe FenceThe Change
21/08/1971SaturdayPendulumThe Change
22/08/1971SundayGraham Bond with Magick 
27/08/1971FridaySalvationThe Change
28/08/1971SaturdaySt.CeciliaThe Change

September 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/09/1971FridayFreshThe Change
04/09/1971SaturdayPickettywitchThe Change
05/09/1971SundayThe Elastic Oz Band
A John Lennon project with vocals by Bill Elliot for 'Oz' Magazine.
10/09/1971FridayThe FenceBubbles
11/09/1971SaturdayMixed SpiceBubbles
12/09/1971SundayBeggar's OperaAegis 
14/09/1971TuesdayBitter WithyChordah / Alexian FolkFolk At The KB
17/09/1971FridayThe Stag PartyThe Change
18/09/1971SaturdayBlizzardThe Change
19/09/1971SundayAmazing BlondelThe Change
21/09/1971TuesdayHigh Speed GrassThe Great Fife RoadshowFolk At The KB
24/09/1971FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
25/09/1971SaturdayTessie GorkThe Change
26/09/1971SundayThe Natural Acoustic BandThe Change
28/09/1971TuesdayRankin FileBobby Eaglesham / Alexian FolkFolk At The KB

October 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/10/1971FridayBlizzardThe Change
02/10/1971SaturdayMickey FinnThe Change
03/10/1971SundayThe PoetsThe ChangeCurved Air / Merlin played in the afternoon
05/10/1971TuesdayTommy MakemRay Durham / Rowan / Alexian FolkFolk At The KB
08/10/1971FridayThe FenceThe Change
09/10/1971SaturdayNew CrumbleThe Change
10/10/1971SundayWild Angels

14/10/1971ThursdayHamish ImlachContraband / Alexian Folk / ChordahFolk At The KB (Thursday this week)
15/10/1971FridaySalvationThe Change
16/10/1971SaturdayBlizzardThe Change
17/10/1971SundaySladeStone the Crows

19/10/1971TuesdayDerrol Adams
Folk At The KB
22/10/1971FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
23/10/1971SaturdayClose FriendsThe Change
24/10/1971SundayBeggar's OperaThe Change 
26/10/1971TuesdayBill Barclay
Folk At The KB
29/10/1971FridayBubblesThe Change
30/10/1971SaturdayStallionThe Change
31/10/1971SundayJack Bruce & FriendsThe Change
(Featuring Chris Spedding & Graham Bond)

November 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/11/1971TuesdayBilly ConnollyAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
05/11/1971FridayBlizzardThe Change
06/11/1971SaturdaySky LineThe Change
07/11/1971SundayThe Change

09/11/1971TuesdayThe Waverleys
Folk At The KB
12/11/1971FridayThe FenceThe Change
13/11/1971SaturdayMixed SpiceThe Change
14/11/1971SundayThe Change

16/11/1971TuesdayFolk Jambouree
Folk At The KB
19/11/1971FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
20/11/1971SaturdayNew CrumbleThe Change
21/11/1971SundayThe Jeff Beck GroupThe Change
Featuring Rod Stewart & Aynsley Dunbar
23/11/1971TuesdayThe McCalmansBrewers DroopFolk At The KB
26/11/1971FridayBubblesThe Change
27/11/1971SaturdayBlizzardThe Change
28/11/1971SundaySupertrampThe Change
Supertramp's appearance is in some doubt. Can you confirm?
30/11/1971TuesdayFoot LooseFlying HaggisFolk At The KB

December 1971

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/12/1971FridaySalvationThe Change
04/12/1971SaturdayClose FriendsThe Change
05/12/1971SundayThe Change

07/12/1971TuesdayDanny KyleAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
10/12/1971FridayThe FenceThe Change
11/12/1971SaturdayBlizzardThe Change
12/12/1971SundayRory Gallagher

14/12/1971TuesdayThe JSD BandJohn Watt / Alexian FolkFolk At The KB
17/12/1971FridayBubblesThe Change
18/12/1971SaturdayFair WeatherThe Change
19/12/1971SundayThe Change

21/12/1971TuesdayBobby Eaglesham
Folk At The KB
24/12/1971FridayMaxi's TaxiThe Change
25/12/1971SaturdayDog WatchThe Change
26/12/1971SundayNazarethThe Change
28/12/1971TuesdayHamish ImlachAlexian FolkFolk At The KB
31/12/1971FridayThe Change

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