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1970's residencies included The Phoenix & The Change until October and The Shadettes who played their last Ballroom gig in February before becoming Nazareth and starting a residency at The Belleville Hotel in Dunfermline.

Folk At The KB continued until a break in June, then recommenced in November.

Jack Bruce (of Cream) returned in October with the short-lived new band Lifetime.


Highlights this year included:

Aly Bain
The Bay City Rollers
Beggar's Opera
Chicken Shack
The Corries
Deep Purple
The Humblebums (featuring Billy Connolly & Gerry Rafferty)
Hamish Imlach
Juicy Lucy
Lifetime (Featuring Jack Bruce)
The McCalmans
Christie Moore
Rab Noakes
The Pretty Things
Stone The Crows
Taste (featuring Rory Gallagher)
Vanity Fare



January 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/01/1970ThursdayThe StoicsThe Phoenix / The Shadettes
02/01/1970FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
03/01/1970SaturdayThe ChangeThe Phoenix/ The ShadettesThe Beatles record their last song together 'I Me Mine' on this day!
04/01/1970SundayThe Santa Fe SmokeThe Change
09/01/1970FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
10/01/1970SaturdayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
11/01/1970SundayThe PhoenixThe Shadettes
16/01/1970FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
17/01/1970SaturdayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
18/01/1970SundayChicken ShackThe Shadettes
23/01/1970FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
24/01/1970SaturdayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
25/01/1970SundayVanity FareThe Chase / The Shadettes
30/01/1970FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
31/01/1970SaturdayThe ChangeThe Shadettes

February 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/02/1970SundaySleaz BandThe ShadettesThe Shadettes' last Ballroom gig before they became Nazareth with a residency at The Belleville Hotel in  Dunfermline
03/02/1970TuesdayThe Livingstones
Folk At The KB
06/02/1970FridayThe Brucefield ShowbandThe Change
07/02/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe Change
08/02/1970SundayFamilyThe Change
10/02/1970TuesdayThe McCalmans
Folk At The KB
13/02/1970FridayBubblesThe Change
14/02/1970SaturdayThe StoicsThe Change
15/02/1970SundayBadfingerThe Change 
Folk At The KB
20/02/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
21/02/1970SaturdayThe PhoenixThe Change
22/02/1970SundayTasteThe ChangeTaste featured Rory Gallagher
24/02/1970TuesdayRab Noakes
Folk At The KB
27/02/1970FridayRockin' ChairThe Change
28/02/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe Change

March 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/03/1970SundaySuede *The Change* Not the same band successful in the 90s!
03/03/1970TuesdayThe Fife Reivers
Folk At The KB
06/03/1970FridayOryxThe Change
07/03/1970SaturdayThe PhoenixThe Change
08/03/1970SundayBubblesThe Change
10/03/1970TuesdayHamish Imlach
Folk At The KB
13/03/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
14/03/1970SaturdayThe ChaseThe Change
15/03/1970SundayThe Bay City RollersThe Change
17/03/1970TuesdayStanley & Brian Golby
Folk At The KB
20/03/1970FridayBubblesThe ChangeDavid & Angela Bowie Marry on this day.
21/03/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe Change
22/03/1970SundayDeep PurpleThe Change
24/03/1970TuesdayThe Travelling People
Folk At The KB
27/03/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
28/03/1970SaturdayThe ReflectionThe Change'Bridge Over Troubled Water' No.1 in UK
29/03/1970SundayBubblesThe Change
31/03/1970TuesdayMike Whellans
Folk At The KB

April 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/04/1970FridayRockin' ChairThe Change
04/04/1970SaturdayLeather SoulThe Change
05/04/1970SundayBubblesThe Change / The Phoenix
07/04/1970TuesdayJackie & Bridie
Folk At The KB (Two Liverpool lassies)
10/04/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe ChangeJanis Joplin died on this day & The Beatles officially split.
11/04/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe ChangePeter Green officially left 'Fleetwood Mac' though he played existing dates.
12/04/1970SundayThe ConcordsThe Change
14/04/1970TuesdayThe Islanders
Folk At The KB
17/04/1970FridayBubblesThe Change
18/04/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe Change
19/04/1970SundayThe John Dummer Blues BandThe Change
22/04/1970WednesdayThe Tops

24/04/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
25/04/1970SaturdayThe Bay City RollersThe ChangeThe Jackson Five began 5 weeks at #1 in the US chart on this day.
26/04/1970SundayHog FarmThe Change
29/04/1970WednesdayThe Tops

May 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/05/1970FridayRockin' ChairThe Change
02/05/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe ChangeNorman Greenbaum reached the UK #1 spot with 'Spirit in the Sky' on this day.
03/05/1970SundayIndexThe Change
05/05/1970TuesdayThe Other Half
Folk At The KB.
The soundtrack album from the musical 'West Side Story' hit the US #1 spot on this day.
06/05/1970WednesdayThe Tops

08/05/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
09/05/1970SaturdayThe ReflectionThe Change
10/05/1970SundayHouse Of LordsThe Change
12/05/1970TuesdayWally Whyton
Folk At The KB
13/05/1970WednesdayThe Tops

15/05/1970FridayOryxThe Change
16/05/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe Change
17/05/1970SundayThe PhoenixThe Change
19/05/1970TuesdayThe Humblebums
Folk At The KB
20/05/1970WednesdayThe Tops

22/05/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
23/05/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe Change
24/05/1970SundayThe Bay City RollersThe Change
26/05/1970TuesdayThe Humblebums
Folk At The KB
27/05/1970WednesdayThe Tops

29/05/1970FridayBubblesThe Change
30/05/1970SaturdayCleo's MoodThe Change
31/05/1970SundayThe ChangeBeggar's Opera / Tandem 

June 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/06/1970WednesdayThe Tops

05/06/1970FridayRockin' ChairThe Change
06/06/1970SaturdayThe ConcordsThe Change
07/06/1970SundayFamilyThe Change
09/06/1970TuesdayThe Ian Rankin Group
Folk At The KB
10/06/1970WednesdayThe Tops

12/06/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
13/06/1970SaturdayThe AvengersThe Change
14/06/1970SundayJuicy LucyThe Change
16/06/1970TuesdayLyn & Graham McCarthy
Folk At The KB (Australian Singers)
19/06/1970FridayRockin' Chair

20/06/1970SaturdayThe Reflection

21/06/1970SundayThe Chris McClure Section

26/06/1970FridayThe Memphis RoadshowThe Phoenix / The Change
27/06/1970SaturdayCleo's Mood

28/06/1970SundayBeggar's Opera

July 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

04/07/1970SaturdayThe Stag Party

05/07/1970SundayThe Phoenix

10/07/1970FridayThe Fence

11/07/1970SaturdayThe Verge

12/07/1970SundayTear Gas

17/07/1970FridayThe SetThe Phoenix
18/07/1970SaturdayColour BlindThe Phoenix
19/07/1970SundayThe Poets

24/07/1970FridayIndexThe Phoenix
25/07/1970SaturdayThe Bay City RollersThe Phoenix
26/07/1970SundayBubblesThe Phoenix
31/07/1970FridayIndexThe Change

August 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/08/1970SaturdayThe AvengersThe Change
02/08/1970SundayDog WatchThe Change
07/08/1970FridayThe Dolly RockersThe Change
08/08/1970SaturdayThe ReflectionThe Change
09/08/1970SundayThe ChaseThe Change
14/08/1970FridayHarry Wragg

15/08/1970SaturdayKaywana Stock



22/08/1970SaturdayThe Avengers

23/08/1970SundayThe Phoenix

28/08/1970FridayThe Concords

29/08/1970SaturdayMaxi's Taxi


September 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

05/09/1970SaturdayThe Crush

06/09/1970SundayThe Fringe

11/09/1970FridayThe Concords


13/09/1970SundayThe Stag Party

18/09/1970FridayHarry Wragg

19/09/1970SaturdayThe Reflection

20/09/1970SundayDream Police

25/09/1970FridayThe Dolly Rockers

26/09/1970SaturdayThe Fence

27/09/1970SundayThe Jynx

October 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

03/10/1970SaturdayThe Reflection

04/10/1970SundayHardin & YorkRaspberry / The Change

10/10/1970SaturdayThe Phoenix
The Change

11/10/1970SundayThe Concords



Featuring Jack Bruce (19:30 - 23:00) (Tickets 12/-)
23/10/1970FridayThe Concords



30/10/1970FridayCat Violet

31/10/1970SaturdayThe ChangePlatform / The Phoenix

November 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/11/1970SundayThe Keef Hartley Big Band

06/11/1970FridayThe Dolly Rockers


08/11/1970SundayStone The Crows


Steelyard was a temporary name for The Stag Party
15/11/1970SundayTear Gas

17/11/1970TuesdayThe Corries
Folk At The KB
20/11/1970FridayThe Set



24/11/1970TuesdayThe McCalmans
Folk At The KB
27/11/1970FridayRockin' Chair

Steelyard was a temporary name for The Stag Party
29/11/1970SundayThe Pretty Things

December 1970

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/12/1970TuesdayThe McCalmans
Folk At The KB
04/12/1970FridayThe Fence


06/12/1970SundaySleaz Band

08/12/1970TuesdayRankin File
Folk At The KB
11/12/1970FridayCat Violet

12/12/1970SaturdayPaper ChaseKaywana Stock
13/12/1970SundayWhite Trash

15/12/1970TuesdayChristie MooreThe LeesidersFolk At The KB

19/12/1970SaturdayThe Avengers

20/12/1970SundayChicken Shack

22/12/1970TuesdayMike WhellansAly BainFolk At The KB
25/12/1970FridayThe Phoenix

Steelyard was a temporary name for The Stag Party
27/12/1970SundayDream Police

29/12/1970TuesdayThe Humblebums
Folk At The KB

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