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What a year this was! David Bowie and Deep Purple within seven days of each other and The Who Twice!

1969's residencies included Alan Jordan & The KB Showband, The  Shadettes, The Phoenix & The Change.

The 21 Club finished in January while Folk At The KB continued albeit with a brief hiatus between June and October.

On Wednesday 5th February the BBC made a recording of The Corries in the Ballroom.

Dancing returned on Saturday afternoons hosted by The Phoenix for a brief three week spell in November.

The building was closed on Sunday & Monday 7th & 8th December 1969 for redecoration.


Highlights this year included:

The Amboy Dukes
Atomic Rooster
The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation
Aly Bain
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
David Bowie
The Casuals
Lou Christie
Cliff Bennet And His Band
The Corries
Deep Purple
The Easybeats
The Equals
Archie Fisher
The Flowerpot Men
The Foundations
The Gun
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds
Hank Locklin
The Love Affair
The Love Sculpture
Manfred Mann & Emanon
Thunderclap Newman
Robin Hall & Jimmy McGregor
Peter Sarstedt
Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
The Spinners
Spooky Tooth
Taste (featuring Rory Gallagher)
The Tremelos
Cyril Tawney
Unit 4 Plus 2
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band
The Who


January 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

03/01/1969FridayThe KB Showband

04/01/1969SaturdayThe KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
05/01/1969SundayThe Writing On The WallThe Shadettes
07/01/1969TuesdayThe Humblebums
Folk At The KB'
09/01/1969ThursdayThe KB Showband
21 Club
10/01/1969FridayThe KB Showband
George Harrison 'walks out' on The Beatles during filming for 'Let It Be' on this day!
11/01/1969SaturdayThe KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
12/01/1969SundayThe Magic LanternThe Shadettes
14/01/1969TuesdayAlec Campbell
Folk At The KB'
16/01/1969ThursdayThe KB Showband

17/01/1969FridayThe KB Showband

18/01/1969SaturdayThe KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
19/01/1969SundaySt Louis UnionThe Shadettes
21/01/1969TuesdayLyn & Graham McCarthy
Folk At The KB' (Australian Singers)
24/01/1969FridayThe KB Showband

25/01/1969SaturdayThe KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
26/01/1969SundayThe BandwagonThe Shadettes
28/01/1969TuesdayArchie Fisher
Folk At The KB'
31/01/1969FridayThe KB Showband
The Beatles performed a 40 minute live set on the roof of the Apple building the day before. It would be their last ever live performance!

February 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/02/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
02/02/1969SundayThe Paper DollsThe Califonians /Alan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
04/02/1969TuesdayIan Davidson
Folk At The KB'
05/02/1969WednesdayThe Corries
BBC recording of 'The Corrie Folk'
06/02/1969ThursdayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

07/02/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

08/02/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
09/02/1969SundayUnit Four Plus TwoAlan Jordan & The KB Showband
11/02/1969TuesdayPaddie Bell
Folk At The KB'
13/02/1969ThursdayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

14/02/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

15/02/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
16/02/1969SundayThe Pitiful SoulsAlan Jordan & The KB Showband
18/02/1969TuesdayThe Other Half
Folk At The KB'
21/02/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

22/02/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
23/02/1969SundayGeno Washington & the Ram Jam BandAlan Jordan & The KB Showband
25/02/1969TuesdayThe Corries
Folk At The KB'
28/02/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

March 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/03/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
02/03/1969SundayThe GunAlan Jordan & The KB Showband
04/03/1969TuesdayPeter Sarstedt
Promoting his No.1 hit "Where Do You Go To My Lovely"
07/03/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

08/03/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The KB ShowbandThe Shadettes
09/03/1969SundayThe Flowerpot MenAlan Jordan & The KB Showband
11/03/1969TuesdayThe Cairn
Folk At The KB'
14/03/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

15/03/1969SaturdayThelma & the High Seas ShowbandThe Shadettes / Alan Jordan & The KB ShowbandCream hit #1 with their last album 'Goodbye'.
16/03/1969SundayThe Amboy DukesAlan Jordan & The KB Showband(Not the band associated with Ted Nugent)
18/03/1969TuesdayHamish Imlach
Folk At The KB
22/03/1969SaturdayThe Emerald ShowbandAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
23/03/1969SundayWorld Of OzTrapeze / Alan Jordan / The KB Showband
25/03/1969TuesdayThe Islanders
Folk At The KB
John Lennon & Yoko Ono began their 'Bed-In' protest on this day.
29/03/1969SaturdayThe Emerald ShowbandAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
30/03/1969SundayLove SculptureAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

April 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/04/1969TuesdayThe Livingstones
Folk At The KB.  (Ambrose Slade live debut in Walsall).
05/04/1969SaturdayGeno Washington & the Ram Jam BandAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
06/04/1969SundayThe Love AffairThe Shadettes
11/04/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

12/04/1969SaturdayThe FoundationsAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
13/04/1969SundayHigh TensionThe Shadettes
15/04/1969TuesdayMike WhellansAly BainFolk At The KB
18/04/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

19/04/1969SaturdayThe TremelosAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
20/04/1969SundayJimmy James & The VagabondsThe Shadettes
22/04/1969TuesdayCyril Tawney
Folk At The KB
25/04/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

26/04/1969SaturdayThe GunAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
27/04/1969SundayThe WhoThe Shadettes08:00 - 11:00pm Tickets 8/- in advance or 10/- at the door
29/04/1969TuesdayThe McCalmans
Folk At The KB

May 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/05/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

03/05/1969SaturdayThe CasualsAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
04/05/1969SundayThe Chris McClure SectionThe Shadettes
06/05/1969TuesdayThe Humblebums
Folk At The KB
09/05/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

10/05/1969SaturdayJoyce Bond Soul ShowAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The ShadettesSoul Show
11/05/1969SundayThe EqualsThe Shadettes
16/05/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

17/05/1969SaturdayThe FlirtationsAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
18/05/1969SundayDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichThe Change
20/05/1969TuesdayWatt Nicoll
Folk At The KB
23/05/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

24/05/1969SaturdayThe Aynsley Dunbar RetaliationAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
25/05/1969SundaySpooky ToothThe Shadettes / The New Broom Blues Band
27/05/1969TuesdayTelford & Charmaine
Folk At The KB
30/05/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

31/05/1969SaturdayJefferson & His Backing GroupAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The ShadettesThe Plastic Ono Band record 'Give Peace a Chance' during their 'Bed-In' at the 'Hotel La Reine' in Montreal Canada.

June 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/06/1969SundayManfred MannEmanon / The ShadettesFeaturing Mike Hugg and The Breed
03/06/1969TuesdayThe Reivers
Folk At The KB
06/06/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

07/06/1969SaturdayThe Other SideThe Scratch / Alan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
08/06/1969SundaySimon Dupree & The Big Sound

10/06/1969TuesdayWally Whyton
Folk At The KB
13/06/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

14/06/1969SaturdayThe SunAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
15/06/1969SundayThe Bandwagon

17/06/1969TuesdayHamish Imlach
Folk At The KB
20/06/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

21/06/1969SaturdayThe Shy LimbsAlan Jordan & The KB Showband / The Shadettes
22/06/1969SundayThe Ohio ExpressThe Nite People
24/06/1969TuesdayThe Spinners
Folk At The KB
27/06/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

28/06/1969SaturdayThe Easybeats

29/06/1969SundayThe Smash

July 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
04/07/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

05/07/1969SaturdayThe StoicsThe Poets / The Shadettes
06/07/1969SundayTasteThe ShadettesTaste featured Rory Gallagher
11/07/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

12/07/1969SaturdayThe PoetsKaywana Stock / The Shadettes
13/07/1969SundayThunderclap NewmanThe Phoenix / The ShadettesPromoting his No1 hit single 'Something In The Air'.
18/07/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The KB Showband

19/07/1969SaturdayThe StoicsThe Heenan Froud Set & Gideon's Wake
20/07/1969SundayThe MontanasThe Phoenix / Gideon's Wake
25/07/1969FridayThe KB Showband

26/07/1969SaturdayThe PoetsThe KB Showband & Gideon's Wake
27/07/1969SundayThe FreezeGideon's Wake

August 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/08/1969FridayThe ShadettesThe Phoenix
02/08/1969SaturdayThe ShadettesJenesis * & The Dolly Rockers* (Too early to be a miss-print of Genesis)
03/08/1969SundayThe ShadettesPortrait
08/08/1969FridayThe ShadettesThe Atlantic
09/08/1969SaturdayThe ShadettesEire Apparent
10/08/1969SundayThe ShadettesThe Phoenix
15/08/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
16/08/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Santa Fe Smoke / The Shadettes
17/08/1969SundayThe CasualsThe Shadettes
22/08/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
23/08/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes & The New Broom Blues Band
24/08/1969SundayCliff Bennet & His BandThe Shadettes
29/08/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
30/08/1969SaturdayAlan Jordan & The ChangeSleaz Band / The Shadettes
31/08/1969SundayThe Chris McClure SectionThe Phoenix / The ShadettesChris McClure' would later become 'Christian'

September 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
05/09/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
06/09/1969SaturdayThe WhoAlan Jordan / The Shadettes07:30 - 11:30pm Tickets 12/-
07/09/1969SundayHopscotchThe Shadettes
12/09/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
13/09/1969SaturdayThe Dolly RockersAlan Jordan & The Change / The Shadettes
14/09/1969SundayThe Aynsley Dunbar RetaliationThe Shadettes
19/09/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
20/09/1969SaturdayThe PhoenixAlan Jordan & The Change / The Shadettes
21/09/1969SundayJunior's EyesThe J.B. Memorial & The ShadettesJunior's Eyes backed David Bowie on his Scottish Tour - (See 09/11/69)
26/09/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
27/09/1969SaturdayThe ShadettesThe Dolly Rockers / Alan Jordan & The Change
28/09/1969SundayState ExpressThe J.B. Memorial & The Shadettes

October 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/10/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
04/10/1969SaturdayTasteAlan Jordan / The ShadettesTaste featured Rory Gallagher
05/10/1969SundayTasteThe Phoenix / The ShadettesTaste featured Rory Gallagher
10/10/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
11/10/1969SaturdayThe PhoenixAlan Jordan / The Shadettes
12/10/1969SundayJimmy James & The VagabondsAlan Jordan / The Shadettes
14/10/1969TuesdayHamish Imlach
Folk At The KB re-opens
17/10/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
18/10/1969SaturdayThe Dolly RockersAlan Jordan / The Shadettes
19/10/1969SundayRoger BloomThe Axe / The Shadettes
21/10/1969TuesdayThe Islanders
Folk At The KB
24/10/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes
25/10/1969SaturdayThe PhoenixAlan Jordan / The Shadettes
26/10/1969SundayThe CasualsThe Shadettes
28/10/1969TuesdayThe Humblebums
Folk At The KB
31/10/1969FridayAlan Jordan & The ChangeThe Shadettes

November 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/11/1969SaturdayKaywana StockAlan Jordan / The ShadettesThe Phoenix played in the afternoon
02/11/1969SundayFat MattressThe Citroens / The Shadettes
04/11/1969TuesdayThe Other Half
Folk At The KB
07/11/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
08/11/1969SaturdayThe PhoenixThe Change / The ShadettesThe Phoenix played in the afternoon too
09/11/1969SundayDavid Bowie & Junior's EyesThe Shadettes
11/11/1969TuesdayArchie FisherDavid Bowie
Yes DB returned to Folk At The KB at Ian Plumber's invitation! See Memories
14/11/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
15/11/1969SaturdayOrange BicycleThe Change / The ShadettesThe Phoenix played in the afternoon
16/11/1969SundayDeep PurpleThe Shadettes
18/11/1969TuesdayThe Leesiders
Folk At The KB
21/11/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
22/11/1969SaturdayThe PhoenixThe Change / The Shadettes
23/11/1969SundayThe John Dummer Blues BandThe Shadettes
25/11/1969TuesdayRobin Hall & Jimmy McGregor
Folk At The KB
28/11/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
29/11/1969SaturdayKaywana StockThe Change / The Shadettes
30/11/1969SundayHarmony GrassThe Shadettes

December 1969

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/12/1969TuesdayHank Locklin
Folk At The KB
05/12/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
06/12/1969SaturdayThe PhoenixThe Change / The Shadettes
09/12/1969TuesdayThe Ian Campbell Folk Group
Folk At The KB
12/12/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
13/12/1969SaturdayKaywana StockThe Shadettes
14/12/1969SundayLou ChristieThe Streamliners / The Shadettes 
16/12/1969TuesdayThe Corries
Folk At The KB
19/12/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
20/12/1969SaturdayThe PhoenixThe Shadettes
21/12/1969SundayAtomic RoosterThe Shadettes 
23/12/1969TuesdayThe Beggarmen
Folk At The KB
24/12/1969WednesdayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
25/12/1969ThursdayThe Interstate RoadshowThe Phoenix / The Shadettes
26/12/1969FridayThe ChangeThe Shadettes
27/12/1969SaturdayThe ChangeKaywana Stock / The Shadettes
28/12/1969SundaySoul StaxxThe Shadettes 
30/12/1969TuesdayHamish ImlachThe Other Half / Mike Whellans / Aly Bain / The TweedFolk At The KB
31/12/1969WednesdayThe ChangeThe Shadettes

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